Monday, October 22, 2007

Season of mists

Current work: archaeologist book c13 /14
Listening to: The Fray
Reading: not at the mo, focused on book (but I did watch a v good programme on Silbury Hill last night)

The early morning sunlight was filtering over the dogwood yesterday, and I couldn’t resist this snap.

Busy weekend workwise. The book is running a tad short at the mo and I also need to layer in some extra emotional stuff as my hero is dropping some late bombshells. This is why, although I’m a planner, the book never ends up quite how I plan it; something comes up partway through which means I have to rejig the beginning/end/motivations/what have you. But in my view that’s what makes the book come alive from the plan.

My mouth feels a lot better today (though I’m aware of the, um, ‘bony socket’, as the dentist referred to it) and I think 10 days of tetracycline is going to do wonders for my eating habits: you’re meant to take them 1 hour before food or 2 hours after, which means grazing would interfere with the meds schedule. (As in – hmm, we’re having dinner at 7, which means take antibios at 6, so I can’t nibble after 4…) I’m usually reasonably good – especially if the book is going well, which is when I’m more likely to use the timer to remind me it’s lunchtime and I need to grab a sandwich at my desk. But if my book’s going through a sticky patch I tend to take a stroll from my desk to the kitchen from time to time and see what’s in the fridge. (There is a running joke among some of my friends about my similarity to Nigella. Yes, sure, if you ignore the fact that I’m shorter, rounder, and much less beautiful than she is. But I do admit to a similar, ahem, appreciation of food. And I bake nice cakes.) The cup of tea will be accompanied by a cookie (home-made if the book is going really badly), or the glass of water by a cracker with a piece of brie/a breadstick. Or – my current bad habit (which I will inflict on certain friends when I see them next because I know they will love them too) – chocolate torsades. (The Bonne Maman ones. My daughter is extremely partial to them. The chocolate is nice and the biscuit is nicer than those in Cadbury’s fingers. Note to self: buy baking parchment and introduce the kids to the joys of dipping biscuits in good chocolate.)

The spam people are surpassing themselves at the mo. One of yesterday’s came through addressed to Kate Fatface. (Seriously. I didn’t make that up.) I’m still laughing about it (even though it’s rather appropriate).

Today: piano lesson and getting on with the book. But if the weather’s nice I might be tempted out to play. Tomorrow's London.


Melissa Marsh said...

I love this time of year. Last night I took a walk with my dog and we made sure to walk through the leaves scattered on the sidewalk. I love that crunchy, shuffling sound!

Kate Hardy said...

Me too, Melissa - crunching through the leaves and finding conkers and those crisp mornings when you can see your breath in the air... this is my fave time of year :o)