Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Happy new year… and a sticky start!

Happy new year - and I'm sorry that I've already broken my private resolution to keep my blog better updated this year.


Yup. Pretty shocking.

What happened?

A lorry ploughed into my husband's car while he was waiting in a queue of traffic - and fortunately pushed him into the other carriageway (which was empty - the queue of traffic was because someone had decided to do a turn in the road rather than drive half a mile down to the next roundabout). He hit his head on the steering wheel, so he's very bruised, has whiplash, and is actually listening to me and resting (which in itself is worrying and tells me how bad he feels).

But it could've been an awful lot worse. Had the lorry pushed him into the car in front, he might not have got out of his car. And right now we're really counting our blessings.

So - new year's resolutions? Basically, to build on last year - keep up the good work at the gym and on the eating front (goals: to crack the assisted pull-up machine, get my deadlifts to 100kg by the end of the year, and be able to run for 10 minutes straight) and work harder to write books that touch my readers' heart.

How about you? (And I hope the beginning to your new year was a lot nicer than mine!)

Oh - and on a nice note, I do have a new paperback on shelves in the UK this month - Bound by a Baby. Best cover EVER - the cover fairies were very nice to me! (This is the kindle cover, btw… the 2-in-1 has a different cover, but I love this one.)