Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Current work: PM job/archaeologist c2
Listening to: Kate Rusby, The Girl Who Couldn’t Fly (thanks to DH who indulged me)
Reading: Jane Jackson, Dangerous Waters (very, VERY good – the setting is superb, the heroine is lovely, and it’s clearly been properly researched – better still, the research doesn’t show!)

Yesterday seemed to vanish, too. But the book is back on track (and I’m just tweaking something slightly to make it even more emotional in the middle) and the meeting yesterday was good albeit long!

Plan for today: have swapped guitar to Thursday because I’m, um, loafing this morning, aka having coffee with Caroline Anderson and talking Medicals. So it’s sort of work… (All right, it’s loafing.) Will be focused this afternoon, then it’s school run, and then Madam’s swimming lesson. And then I’m head down working.


Diane said...

Enjoy your loaf ... er ... meeting. :oD (Me and Shirley will be having one of those on Thursday.)

Kate Diamond said...

I need to create more "me time" so that, when I sit in front of the computer, I'm not falling asleep and/or staring off into space and calling it writing.

Ah, the perils of my day job!

Kate Hardy said...

It was a meeting, Diane. ;o)
(All right. So it involved coffee and chocolate torsades - that's posh chocolate finger biscuits to you.)

Welcome, Kate - nice to see you here. There's an art to creating me-time. Best advice from me is to schedule it into your diary. Or if you're snatching writing time from your day job (e.g. lunchbreak), a PDA's very good because your book is there INSTANTLY.