Friday, December 20, 2013

Guest post: Bring Me Sunshine by Janet Gover

It's nearly Christmas, I'm in a rush (deadline, Christmas prep and a million and one other things), and I can't think of anything better to do than to share my blog with an old friend today and celebrate her new book (especially given where it's set and what's in the book - oh, yes!).

So please welcome Janet Gover and help her celebrate the release of her new book, Bring Me Sunshine!

It’s lovely to be here on Kate’s blog – Kate and I met years ago through the RNA – and we share, among so many other things, a penchant for changing our hair colour.

I am totally in awe of Kate’s amazing work – 59 books. Wow! I’ve got a way to go to catch her - I’ve just launched my 4th novel, and the fifth will be out in March.

Mostly my books are set in Australia – because that’s where I grew up. But I’ve just had the most enormous fun writing a book set even further south… What’s further south than Australia? You guessed it – Antarctica.

A chance comment from a friend about a holiday trip planted a small seed in the back of my head which grew into Bring Me Sunshine.

I really wanted to take a trip to Antarctica. The tax man would let me deduct it as a business expense, wouldn’t he? Well, maybe not. Unfortunately my budget didn’t stretch quite that far. It did however stretch to the Arctic.
I love research!

I’m from outback Queensland – I attended school in 40 degree temperatures – and there was no air conditioning in my small country town. I am fascinated by snow and ice.

I have never been so cold in my life

I had such a lot of fun writing the book. It’s about loss and loneliness and the healing power of love. It’s about a girl who brings sunshine back into the life of a man who has been hurting for far too long. And a man who would go to the end of the earth, almost literally, for the women he loves.

And – it’s got penguins in it.  It’s even got penguins on the cover!

Adore the penguins - holding hands or, rather, flippers!

And everyone loves a book with penguins on the cover – right?

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