Friday, June 07, 2013

catchup and birthdays

Current work: Cherish romance (aka M&B #57 - working title 'Me and You and a Dog Named Baloo')
Listening to: MCR (when littlest is home – actually, she’s the one playing guitar)
Reading: next on TBR
Gym: weights – new PB on deadlift today, 60kg (go, me!)

I know, I know – I promised to be a better blogger. And I’ve been hopeless. Mainly because my routine is totally out of the window – exams, revision sessions, and being taxi to the kids :o)

Catchup: eldest is now 16, DH is now my older man (for the next 8 months), and today Byron is 11. So happy birthday to my grumpy old boy (he was having a nap when I took this and wasn't impressed at being woken!).

It doesn’t seem five minutes since he was a dinky pup. (He was eight weeks, here.)

Book – is getting there and has to be off my desk this weekend, because I have another deadline for the end of June. (Yes, you did read that right. I can do it. I just need to focus and not let ANYTHING knock me off my stride. Now the latest set of blood tests are back and clear, I’ll be able to settle to work again. Even if half the time it’s at a temporary desk on my iPad!)

Fitness – going OK (a week off for half term was a huge mistake – I felt lousy, ate badly, and paid for it on the scales). My ‘recovery rate’ between interval cardio sessions is improving, and so is my speed on the treadmill: I managed 5.8mph for one interval, this week. I’m also pleased with the way the weights are going, because I managed to deadlift 60kg today. It’s much easier with the Olympic bar than it is with the barbell, mainly because the plates are bigger. Am having to change my grip to a mixed grip, so that’ll take me a little while to sort out.

Guitar – haven’t practised properly for ages. Must try harder. Anyone got a time machine?