Friday, October 19, 2007

last day of half term – and the d-word

Current work: archaeologist book c11/12
Listening to: The Fray (daughter complained about Rush…)
Reading: not had time :o(

Busy day yesterday – harvest festival assembly at school. It was my baby’s last one there, and our lovely bursar (formerly secretary) retired… so I admit to having tears in my eyes. Home, made cake, worked on book, school run, work, evening at school at retirement do (went very well).

Plan for today: ring dentist. My mouth still hurts and it’s been over a week now, so I’m guessing it’s probably an infection. I don’t want to be on codeine all weekend (I have a book to finish) so will have to be brave, as I don’t think it’s my dentist’s day at the practice (and she might have already started maternity leave). Just please don’t let it be the dentist who hurt me last time. I’m hoping it’ll be an x-ray and antibiotics. The idea of more pain… no, ta. (See Shirley’s blog for her other half’s major dental nightmare – puts this into perspective.)

Edit: the dentist was very nice and sympathetic – elderly Aussie, I think from the accent – I gave him the short version of the tooth story, and he had a look and said, ‘Inflammation – and pain that goes that deep usually means infection.’ So it’s a 10-day course of antibiotics, mouthwash – and codeine to get me through today because I can’t put up with the pain any longer (will be better in a day or two when the antibios kick in). Yeah, I’m a wuss. Too bad.


Diane said...

Good luck with the dentist. Be a shame to spoil half term.

Michelle Styles said...

Excuse me? Wuss? You have an infection that sounds severe. STOP trying to be a hero and martyr to the pain. Take your medicine like a good girl. You can still write on cocodamol.
I am pleased it is sorted and will be getting better.

Shirley said...

You are not a wuss. Believe me, you are not!
I'm so glad it's being sorted. So long as you can manage the pain until the antibiotics kick in, you'll be fine.

Kate Hardy said...

Diane - dentist was fine, ta.

Michelle - not trying to be a brave - last time I did that, it was the extraction that went wrong and I've learned my lesson! (And I can't write on Paramol. It sends me to sleep. But it did the job yesterday.)

Shirley - thanks, am managing it - today straight paracetamol is enough.