Sunday, October 28, 2007


Current work: Just finished book; now to tackle the dreaded task of tidying
Listening to: Cut, Millionairhead
Reading: Just finished Marcia Preston’s The Butterfly House (enjoyed it)

Finally… the book is finished and off to my editor. A lot later than it should’ve been, from my original schedule, but let’s leave it that writing has been pretty difficult these last couple of months. The prolonged dental trauamas didn’t help, and I think tetracycline may be on my list of ‘please don’t give me these again’ antibiotics because they made me feel seriously rough this week.

Comment from daughter on Friday evening: ‘That’s a really nasty cough you have, Mummy.’ Mmm. Guess who gave it to me? (And it’s an even nicer cough when you’re throwing up and have a sore tongue because of the antibiotics. Not.)

Plan for today: print out book for agent and tidy my office because I can’t even begin to tackle my to-do list until this mess is sorted!


Diane said...

Congratulations on finishing the book.

Ray-Anne said...

Ah the dreamy hedonistic life of a a romance novelist - surely you fail to mention the fawning minions, the clouds of Dior perfume which trail behind you as you walk, and the troublesome issue of how to keep your feather boas free of chocolate flakes?
Leather medals all around. :-)

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, Diane. :o)

Ray-Anne - LOL. The fawning minion has four legs and a bad habit of taking shoes out in the garden and leaving them in the rain; embarrassingly, it IS Dior perfume *g*; and the answer to the boa question is "eat the chocolate very quickly"...