Friday, August 31, 2007

end of the holidays (almost)

Current work: nonfiction (draft, c16 ish – added 3k or so yesterday)
Listening to: Sandy Denny (am in the mood for melancholy music)
Reading: Nicola Cornick, Deceived plus a pile of nonfiction

Yesterday was a bit of an odd day. Worked a bit, then my ed rang to talk through revisions to the latest Med; nice to have a chat with her. Floated an idea past her and apparently we’re going to discuss it in London next month. I was working on my George Borrow chapter at the time so I told her some of the interesting snippets (this isn’t a muckraking book – more a celebration of our county’s motto, ‘do different’).

Then did an interview for Mills & Boon’s involvement in Breast Cancer Awareness month, wrote more begging letters for pics (well, not so much pics – I want to visit a certain museum and take my own pic of Sarah Glover’s glass harmonicon), sorted out the children’s plimsolls for next week and a new lunchbox for Madam, picked up my train ticket for London next month… oh, and went to my neighbour’s Virgin Vie party. (Madam didn’t suss this or she’d have been Limpet Girl… She will however be getting a half-share in my purchases.) Also had nice post: French copy of The Italian GP’s Bride.

Today: definitely town, to finalise school bits and pick up a laundry pen (I loathe sewing in name tags), and (oh PLEASE let us have a blue sky for once) maybe take some pics. If it’s nice I can talk Madam into the riverside walk as there will be swans. We have a swan register in the local record office – very interesting – swans can be told apart by the markings on their bills.

Also need to go to local library and pick up my research books.

And this is officially the last day of my holiday – I’m back to work tomorrow. I have revisions on a book, a project management job, and some notes to write up on my nonfiction. (Once I have the first draft written up I can go to the library to fill in the gaps, via the newspaper archive and some reference library stock.)

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Lynn Daniels said...

Wow, Kate. Looks like you've been busy! And I love your new bloghome.