Tuesday, August 21, 2007

more exploring

Current work: pics and notes for new nonfiction; thinking about Med duo outline
Listening to: Keane, Hopes and Fears
Reading: Alison Uttley’s ‘A Traveller in Time’

Still fighting the crows – firstly because of waiting to hear about the book (this was meant to be done and dusted before my ed comes back later this week… or so I thought… and I am trying quite hard not to stress about it) and secondly because my lovely weight loss from last week went straight back on. So as it started as a bad day yesterday I thought I might as well continue it and do the shoe check. This usually means at least twenty minutes waiting in a packed shoe shop… but to my surprise yesterday although the shop was heaving we were seen straight away. New shoes for both children; then went to M&S and new shoes for me, too. Madam absolutely insisted on going to the M&S cafĂ© (I had a skinny latte and fruit salad – they had cake). And then I talked the kids into letting me do more pics for the book, bless them.

We went back to the cathedral (which son has decided is one of his favourite places)… and because I can’t resist, here’s a pic of the Green Man boss in the cloisters, and a wallpainting from the Treasury. (I promised my ed I wouldn’t have millions of pictures of the bosses in the book. I am keeping my word. I’m putting them on here instead.)

And on the way back to the car (I didn’t tell the kids at this point we’d walked over 16k steps or Madam would’ve thrown a hissy fit/demanded chocolate) we heard this Spanish flamenco music and saw this incredible dancer outside the Forum…


Nell said...

The Green man boss is interesting. There must be a story as to why a druid symbol found his way into the cathedral.

Anonymous said...

That is definitely interesting.

More than likely, when the Cathedral was built, since it is Catholic more than likely it was a way for the church to try to convert the masses by keeping something familiar for them to see--a common practice.

Biddy said...

Oooo like the green man boss... would love to know the story behind it.

Anonymous said...


For your readers, Kate! Cheers!