Thursday, August 09, 2007

Organised again

Current work: thinking about new MX outline; pics and notes for new nonfiction
Listening to: Crowded House, ‘Time On Earth’
Reading: Kate Harrison's The Self-Preservation Society

I have my to-do list organised again and blu-tacked to the wall above my desk. So I know what I’m doing and when, and what looked like a scary list feels much better. (Tidying my office doesn’t have a deadline… actually, I do need to sort this, and I want to get my cuttings folder in a decent state too.)

Had a brilliant day yesterday researching with the kids. Started in the cathedral – and I’m so pleased with the new camera. In the vaulting of the nave (which is at least 70 feet above your head) there are these amazing bosses, all telling the story of the Bible. And because the new camera has a) a decent zoom and b) quality pics, it meant I could get a reasonable shot of single bosses. (Not perfect but I’ve only had the camera just over a week. Left is the view above... I zoomed in for the later ones.) The guide at the cathedral was lovely and showed us various bits I hadn’t seen before. Kids loved every second and then made me buy them elevenses in the refectory. They were also very taken by the stained glass window (which is pretty stunning) and the wall paintings (oh good, they're going to share another of my little obsessions).

Also went to St Peter Mancroft’s and the verger was fantastic and let us into the sacristy; he also suggested some things which he got out of the cabinet for me to photograph. (Definitely getting a mention in the acknowledgements.)

And that, um, took up all our time. (As well as helping me do over 14k steps.) And I forgot my M&S vouchers anyway. So… we’ll do it today instead. And the weekly shop. We did get my camera tripod, though. (Need to try that out… maybe later today.)

Came home to the large print of The Consultant’s New-Found Family – and also the hardbacks of The Doctor’s Very Special Christmas. Third Christmas book in a row but this time it’s a close-up of the tree. (I love writing Christmas books.)

Took the children swimming when DH was home; great fun.

Plan for today: school uniform, weekly shop, and maybe some more picture research. The St Giles area of the city today, methinks. (Yup, more churches...)


Nell said...

Fan vaults! Fabulous - I've never been to Norwich cathedral, I'm assuming it was built in the decorated period as it has fan vaults and decorative bosses?

Kate Hardy said...

The first stone was laid in 1096 but the fan vaulting and bosses were added by Bishop Goldwell (who's one of the subjects of my new book)about 1480.

The bosses are unique (there's a v good book about them - Stories in Stone by Rose and Hedgecoe). And the cathedral (in my admittedly slightly biased view) is the most beautiful in the country. (If you want to come visit, you know where I am... but not until you've finished that book for Cat!)

Jill said...

The pics are beautiful!

Diane said...

I love to be organised. In fact, if I could get a job where I just have to be organised, I'd get on fine.