Tuesday, August 14, 2007

churches and cinemas

Current work: pics and notes for new nonfiction; still thinking re MX outline
Listening to: Pink Floyd, Echoes
Reading: Michael Cox’s The Meaning of Night (finished it last night – definitely caught the feel of the mid nineteenth century and of course the world of antiquarians/bibliophiles (but as he’s MR James’s biographer I would’ve been very surprised if he hadn’t) – I did guess the denouement but it was well done)

Off into town with the kids yesterday. Bank, library, more pics, then went to see Surf’s Up at the cinema. Not bad (there were some funny bits and I liked the surfing chicken) but this summer’s crop of films is pretty disappointing. (Not going to see HP on the big screen – will wait for DVD as I think Madam’s a bit young and she doesn’t like scary films.)

Also updated my website - including info about new books, new recipe and new reviews.

Plan for today: back into town as St Laurence is open under the Church Ranger scheme and I need interior pics; and then massive tidy-up before the lovely EDP journo comes to interview me tomorrow. (I have to tackle my office. Which is worse: synopsis or tidying? Decisions, decisions.)

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Jan Jones said...

Which is worse, synopsis or tidying?

Synopsis, synopsis, synopsis! I'd almost rather do the ironing.