Monday, August 27, 2007

still chilling

Current work: nonfiction (draft, c5ish)

Listening to: Fleetwood Mac, Bare Trees

Reading: Nicola Cornick, Deceived (just started it last night – enjoying it so far. As always, the period detail is spot on)

Friday was just bleugh, weatherwise, so we moseyed around at home. Saturday, nipped into town in the morning to take a couple more pics, then went out with friends for a meal and then when we got back we had a walk round their village. Beautiful sunset:
and also saw Chaucer’s cottage. (Not that they were encouraging me to do another history book… much… *g*)

Yesterday, worked on the book and got my pics in order and captioned while DH took the kids to see his mother; then daughter was desperate to go to the funfair. A pink moon was rising over the Denes (and yes, of course I did the arty view through the grasses)…

...and then it was time to go on the rides.

Plan for today: we’re off to Houghton Hall. (This is sort of family time... but also it's work because I want a pic of the hall for this book and the church for another book.) And I’m sneaking in some work while everyone’s asleep.

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