Monday, August 13, 2007

another booky day (or two)

Current work: PM job (just finished copyediting); pics and notes for new nonfiction
Listening to: Romance de Amor, Xue Fei Yang (highly recommended)
Reading: Michael Cox’s The Meaning of Night

My cheque finally arrived on Saturday. It’s only taken about two and a half weeks to reach me by first-class post (cough). And apparently it went via Chatham. Um, how the word ‘Norfolk’ looks like ‘Kent’…? But at least it’s here now.

Also received a reader’s letter about Disasters. (They enjoyed it – in fact, they described the book as ‘splendid’ and ‘most enjoyable and informative’ – but wanted to point out the font was too small – will reply this morning thanking them for their time and pass on their comment to the publisher.) One of my research books arrived; and a package from M&B with a South African edition of Their Christmas Dream Come True and a Japanese edition of His Honourable Surgeon (with the most amazingly raunchy cover for Japan – I’m used to seeing pretty pics of flowers on Japanese covers).

Finished copyediting; awaiting author’s replies to queries.

Plan for today: sun is shining so we’ll be out somewhere - see what the kids fancy doing when they wake up. In the meantime, the house is quiet so I'm getting on with some work.


juliemt said...

Hi Kate,
I emailed you last week, but as I got no reply, I thought maybe you were having some trouble with your e-mail. I just want to let you know that there's a review for The Italian GP's Bride on Cataromance.

Warmest Wishes,

Kate Hardy said...

Hi Julie - lovely to hear from you.

Sorry, I didn't get your email (or I would've replied!) - and thank you for the lovely review

Kate x