Saturday, August 11, 2007

Just messing about on the river…

Current work: PM job (copyediting); pics and notes for new nonfiction
Listening to: Romance de Amor, Xue Fei Yang (highly recommended)
Reading: Michael Cox’s The Meaning of Night

Finalised corrections for the PM job, then spent the day at in the garden at my dad and stepmum’s (had a barbecue, which was v nice). Home, squeezed in a bit more work, and then DH decided he fancied going out as it was a nice evening. I perked up. ‘We could go and have a drink by the river. How about Bramerton?’ Is this to do with your book? (Suspicious man. But he knows me well.) And as my Amazon parcel arrived I managed to sneak one of my new discs into the car – this is absolutely lovely, and also introduced me to a new piece by Aguilar called ‘Anak’ which is very, very pretty.

Reached Bramerton (which is approximately two miles outside the city boundary – but it’s completely the other side of the city from us) and DH started muttering, ‘You look like a tourist,’ and ‘This is SO embarrassing.’ So I sent him into the pub and the kids and I sorted the pics. And then we chilled out for a bit, watching the sun gradually set and the ducks swimming in the distance. Like so:


Ray-Anne said...

Fantastic pic Kate - and I love your choice in music - your recommendation took me straight to YouTube. In the interview she mentions that her parents wanted her to learn an instrument to calm her hyperactivity! Interesting idea.

Thanks for that - a keeper.
And yes, it was a lovely evening.
Take care, Ray-Anne

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, Ray-Anne - and you're the reason why I bought Bach's lute suites (played by John Williams) because I followed your YouTube link. Must go and visit this one because that's v interesting re the hyperactivity. (Hmm. Might persuade son this is another good reason to continue his violin instead of giving it up...)