Monday, August 06, 2007

done and dusted

Current work: finished Medical Romance and sent to ed; doing some PM work
Listening to: Bach lute suites (if my Amazon package arrives today)
Reading: going to start Kate Harrison's The Self-Preservation Society this evening

Managed to finish the book this morning and sent it off to my editor. Was pretty much head down all weekend, though I did chill out on Saturday evening with DH – one of those lovely warm evenings when the stars are bright. So we sat on the patio – I wanted the security light off so I could test out the starry-sky setting on the new camera (verdict: works, but I need a tripod because I can’t hold the camera still for a whole minute), and he brought out a couple of candles so we didn’t fall over things. It was lovely, chilling out to Katie Melua and John Martyn and Nick Drake, occasionally accompanied by DH on guitar. (Then he went onto Badfinger, which I loathe… sigh.) I think we need to invest in some citronella candles, though, because I have some enormous bites! One is on my heel (so putting shoes on is going to be nasty), I have another on the top of my foot (which itches horrendously), and another was from a particularly vicious beast and is currently about two inches in diameter. I know my name means ‘all honey’, but I’d appreciate it if the biting insects wouldn’t take that literally!

Plan for today:
  • some PM work (proof collation due on one project, second proofs on two others)
  • print out holiday pics and help the kids get their holiday diary up to date
  • go to stationer to get manuscript corrections photocopied (in an attempt to deal with the havoc of the postal strike I need to use couriers to the typesetter and get PDFs back… hence photocopy so I can check PDFs against corrections. So glad I have broadband now!)
  • pick up library books (research for new book)
  • tidy my disgusting pit of an office.

And then tomorrow maybe the kids and I can have some time off...


Michelle Styles said...

Hooray for finishing!!!! I know it will be fantastic.

Tripods are great. Do you have a telescope? Because the camera should fit on the telescope's tripod.

Anne McAllister said...

glad you finished, Kate! I'm going to use you as my inspiration for Seb (the new hero).

I've just started reading your Seb (the posh doc Seb) and am thoroughly enjoying him. I can see why he's a reader favorite.