Thursday, August 30, 2007

what day is it?

Current work: nonfiction (draft, c14 ish – I need library time)
Listening to: Sor, 25 progressive guitar pieces (some of which I can actually play, to my delight)
Reading: Nicola Cornick, Deceived - plus a pile of nonfiction

Yesterday was a dodo day. I’d woken up in the night, feeling bleugh… and then slept through my alarm. Eventually staggered downstairs after a shower and there was a note from the postie: couldn’t deliver a parcel. (In other words, son had ignored doorbell. Sigh.) So just about all we did yesterday was pick up the parcel (work – another PM job) and do the weekly shop. And I had a long chat with my proofreader. And lovely Sainsbury's had a 2GB flash drive at a decent price (my old flash drive, um, isn't up to the size of photos from my new camera, and I need a backup of my pics for the book.)

Today we need to go into town as I need to get my train ticket for London – was going to stay the whole weekend but my best friend sensibly reminded me there’s often engineering work on a Sunday. And as I get travel sick on buses, I’d prefer to avoid them. Sadly, there is indeed a connecting bus service on the Sunday, so I’m coming home on Saturday after all. But as I’ll have a screaming deadline at that point it’s probably a good thing.

Also need to get Madam a new lunchbox and check son’s PE kit and both children’s plimsolls. And go to the post office. And probably the library. And please let the sky clear up so I can take shots of the guildhall and persuade the kids to do the riverside walk…


Anonymous said...

I have 2 2 GB flash drives for 20 dollars a piece, or 9.9406 pounds a piece--which is quite the steal for 2 2 gb's. I love them

I have a writing assignment due in my creative writing class; and I couldn't be happier. I actually cried because A) At my old uni--i couldn;t take this course because they didn't offer it. and B) I'm actually getting the creative juices flowing again

Time to write! Hope all is well with your family!

Kate Hardy said...

Glad the course is going well and you're enjoying it, Lou.

And that's a mega bargain for those flash drives.

Anonymous said...
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