Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Current work: PM work, new MX outline and notes for new nonfiction
Listening to: The Feeling, Twelve Stops Till Home
Reading: Kate Harrison's The Self-Preservation Society (excellent – thoroughly enjoying the flashbacks for the nostalgia trip of school in the 1980s; the present-day story’s good too, and it’s very easy to sympathise/empathise with the main character)

During school hols it’s quite hard to fit in my work schedule. Best time for me is first thing in the morning (this is because I am a natural lark). Made some headway on yesterday's to-do list. Managed to sort out the proof collation on Project 1 and the second proofs on Project 2 yesterday; did second proofs of Project 3 this morning and really need to start the copyediting on Project 4 (but it might be a good idea to do the tidying stuff first). Picked up library books and the children joined the “wild read” campaign. Son’s taste in fiction is clearly humour (he leapt on the new book of the guy who wrote “The Toilet of Doom”) and Madam picked up a couple of Animal Arks (I do hope they’re not ones she already has or there will be sulks).

DH had used up all my ink on walkthroughs of PlayStation games (note to self: stick a note on corner of screen saying PRINT IN DRAFT ONLY because with all the pics it’s v ink-intensive) so didn’t print the holiday pics, but did get the kids to update their diaries.

Spent most of yesterday playing with the kids (DH came home to find us all colouring… the look of disbelief on his face was priceless. Tough. They asked me to do it. I’m on holiday. Ish).

Plan for today:
  • go to Staples for the photocopying (this might cost me because there will be squeaks about the need for new stationery)
  • ring courier to see if I can drop off a package (sorry, posties – I sympathise with your management problems but I have contracts to fulfil and I need things delivered rather than sitting in your picket lines… not to mention the fact I’m a small business whose cashflow is NOT being helped by cheques I’ve been waiting for from publisher who has been very slow also being held up in your sorting office in Exeter, so I’m afraid you’ve lost my vote)
  • make a start on the mammoth office tidy-up operation (is very, very, VERY bad – hmm, daughter likes tidying… will promise her CD by band I hate and she loves if she helps)
  • as the sun is shining I think we should go to the park this afternoon
  • think about new synopsis

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Ray-Anne said...

That work load leaves me feeling positively LAZY! Sympathy for the post problems, and thanks for the intro to your music - I had never heard of this band before!
Hope you get out into the sunshine for a couple of hours.
Take care, Ray-Anne