Saturday, August 04, 2007

nice surprises

Had a lovely surprise yesterday – turns out one of our oldest friends is back in the UK from Aus – IM’d me yesterday to say hello and came over for a barbecue in the evening. Great to catch up, and his pics of Sydney and Brisbane have really made us want to go to Aus… Other than that, spent the day working. Two days until deadline. And I really, REALLY need to tidy my office. And why am I up early this morning? DH closed our bedroom window. Not a clever thing to do when it’s as sticky as it is right now. Sigh. Just when I *need* my sleep, in the run-up to deadline. One good thing about him being back at work next week is that I can go to bed at a reasonable time. It’s a strain keeping up with an owl when you’re a lark!

On a more sombre note, I was so sad to see that foot and mouth is back. I do hope that this time round the government (and Europe) supports our farmers. And that the media is responsible rather than scaremongering.

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