Thursday, August 16, 2007

Down in the dungeons…

Current work: pics and notes for new nonfiction; thinking about Med duo outline
Listening to: various piano
Reading: Prescription for Happiness, Pat Posner

Down in the dungeons? That's where I’ll be today for a photo session - at Norwich castle. This time I’m going to be in front of the camera rather than behind it, as pics are going to be taken to go with the piece about The Norfolk Poisoners (will be in the Eastern Daily Press on 1 September).

Yesterday was fairly busy. Started with cookie-making with the kids; then the interview (which went very well as Angi is so nice – mind you, I’ve yet to meet someone from Archant who isn’t); then did the weekly shop.

The morning’s torrential rain turned to sunshine, so we went into town. Started at my accountant’s. This year, they actually had my papers ready to return to me, which was nice – but I’m still going to talk to the Society of Authors to see if they have any recommended accountants in my area because communication isn’t brilliant and they just don’t match the service of my lovely accountant who retired. (And I loathe being called ‘Mrs Brooks’ by someone who’s in a business relationship with me: I much prefer first-name terms.)

Then we went to the Rosary Cemetery to look up certain gravestones (no, the new book isn't macabre book, but some of my subjects are late 19th and early 20th century so they’re no longer with us and I wanted to see their memorials).

Then into town proper – went to the bank, bought a larger atlas of Norfolk (I like ringbound maps and I wanted a large-scale one for work purposes) and signed all my stock in Waterstones to keep them going until we've sorted a date for the proper signing. (Now Ottakars have been taken over, they no longer stock M&Bs. So sad, as they gave me a launch party for A Baby of Her Own. Am just relieved they've kept their good local history section.) Took the kids swimming with DH; and then had a very slobby evening. (But I did over 12,000 steps yesterday so that's not bad...)

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