Monday, August 20, 2007

more winners

Fiona Harper has kindly announced the winner – or I should say, winners as she’s picked two – for her prize on my 25th book blog party. Fiona says: ‘I picked becky - because a story like that deserves a book - and christyjan, because her story made me laugh.’

So please get in touch with your snailmail addies (to kate dot hardy at btinternet dot com – closing up the spaces and replacing the dots with a dot and the at with an at sign – the things I have to do to avoid spam, and particularly so at the moment because they’re all going on about weight loss and I’ve just realised why this morning’s weigh-in was so disastrous, i.e. we had dinner out on Friday night and I was a Very Bad Puppy with the pudding menu) and your prizes will be on their way.
I can definitely recommend the book because I read it this weekend...

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