Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Waldies bestseller

I know it’s horribly un-English to blow my own trumpet, but I’m so excited about this that it’s having a post all of its own.

Mistress on Trial (aka Strictly Legal) is officially a Waldenbooks Top 10 bestseller.

One in the eye for the crows.


Michelle Styles said...

Oh hooray for you!!!!
That is truly wonderful, wonderful news!

Ray-Anne said...

I would be so chuffed! Fantastic. And the crows are history.
LOL Ray-Anne

Biddy said...

YAY!! Good on you!!

Shirley said...

What brilliant news! Well done you.

Anonymous said...

Way to Go Kate!

I saw it was being sold in the US, and I grabbed it the moment I was in a store. Even if it is a Presents special release (or some other nonsense) it's turned me on to the Presents line

Nell said...


Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, everyone. I'm really chuffed.

Lou - good Presents reads: Kate Walker, Anne McAllister, Sarah Morgan (all autobuys for me) - and look out for new writers India Grey, Abby Green and Annie West.

The fact they are all mates of mine has nothing to do with it - they're really good writers.

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

WOOHOO!! Fantastic news Kate, well done!


Anonymous said...

I'll definitely be on the look out Kate.

I had tried Presents before, and i think at the time I tried, the theme didn't agree with me, so I let the line I'm sad that I did.

I'm even thinking of targeting presents line for my own book.

Amy Andrews said...

Fabulous to see all you mod ex gals up there.
Today the Waldies best seller list - tomorrow the world.