Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Green Man and more exploring

Current work: pics and notes for new nonfiction; thinking about Med duo outline
Listening to: Neil Young, Everybody Knows This is Nowhere
Reading: Alison Uttley’s ‘A Traveller in Time’

As yesterday’s pics seem to have sparked interest… more about the Green Man. Lou has put a great link in the comments to the last post (thanks, Lou); you can also see more pics of the cathedral’s Green Man here – - and an interesting article about the Green Man here –

Spent yesterday in the city. Some of our churches are closed but they’re open for one afternoon or morning a week in the school hols under the Church Ranger scheme. So I marched the kids off to St Laurence’s (because Sarah Ann Glover, the inventor of the Tonic Sol-Fa system, has a memorial there – and it also features in another story for my book, so I wanted pics). Thanks to damage by the congregation in the 1860s (they ripped out the box pews and rood screen) and the Baedeker raids of 1942 (which did for the glass), it’s a bit forlorn. But I spotted this beautiful painting on some of the remaining woodwork.

Also went into St John Maddermarket (very high church – bit ornate for my taste – odd, I prefer King James to modern renditions of the Bible and yet I prefer my architecture unadorned except for stained glass and wall paintings) .
Then we went to St Stephen’s, where the lovely volunteer showed us the brasses on the altar and also the 'lady under the floor'. The image and the text do not go – the text is 1500s-ish but the image is 1200s. I need to ferret out more. Who was she and where was she originally? (Being a novelist and being a historian means I get a double dose of the ‘what ifs’…)

But before all that I had a reply to one of my emails about borrowing pics which really made my day. The Hospital Arts Project is top of my ‘lovely people’ list this week as they’re letting me have pics of five of the Norwich doctors. Happy wiggle. I’d rather have portraits than pics of the memorials, to be honest. (Well, except for the window dedicated to John Greene Crosse in St Luke’s chapel, Norwich Cathedral – shame the pics in the book will be mono as this is glorious. Might have to put that on the book’s page on my website.)

Then Jim rang to reschedule my guitar lesson. And because I haven’t practised for ages… and wanted something pretty (I like Victorian music as much as I like Victorian art – Chopin being my fave)… he’s making me redo some of the grade 2 stuff (specifically, the Ferrer piece… expression is the point here, playing certain bits very slowly and very softly and then keeping the bass soft and the melody line fortissimo… tricky stuff).

Plan for today: write blog for eHarlequin (out next month), then take the kids over to see my dad. We’re doing lunch. And I need to be strict with myself, bearing in mind last week’s rubbish weight loss. (Have done well on the walking front so far – 18k on Monday, 15k yesterday.)

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