Thursday, August 02, 2007

publication day

Having a blonde moment, here - as this is a writer's blog, I should be mentioning things like new books coming out.

And today is a special one for me - my joint-favourite Modern Extra is available today in the US on the shelves. (This is a big deal for me as in the US my Medical Romances are only available from Harlequin direct.)

So I'm delighted to announce that Mistress On Trial (aka Strictly Legal in the UK and Australia) is now on sale, as a Promotional Presents.


India said...

Wow Kate-- your cover Leo is HOT!!

I Love that book. (Message to all US visitors-- BUY IT NOW!!!)

AA said...

Wow - a S H E L F Kate? That's wonderful. I agree with India, that cover is divine.
I'm sure it'll fly of the
S H E L V E S.
Bet it even makes it onto Waldens ;-)

AA said...

Yes, I know, I keep forgetting because blogger wont let me log in to my Amy Andrews name thingy anymore so it doesn't display my name and I keep forgetting to sign off!
That was me.

Kate Hardy said...

Thank you, India :o)

Thanks, Amy - am keeping my fingers crossed re the Waldies. OK. So I'm checking hte RWA website every day just in case...