Saturday, September 01, 2007

Laughing until you cry

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Very late start today. Busy day yesterday, in town with the kids, where we took more pics for the book. Here’s the interior of Cow Tower, one of the city’s old defences.

Although we wanted to explore one of the churches there was a talk going on at the time and it would’ve been rude to go in partway through. We did however get a peek into the garden, which has set off a lightbulb for me. (Apologies for the purple fringing. I will work out how to get rid of it.)

The kids enjoyed walking along the river, and then suddenly we saw a huge group of swans. (Well, about a dozen, but I’m not used to seeing so many together at once.) Anyway, this is Madam looking all cute and nice (she’d promised me faithfully not to have a tantrum or whinge… let's just say it’s been a long week).

Went to DH’s brother’s in the evening and the kids all had a great time playing Boogie on the Wii – they did a girls v boys thing and it was hysterical, with son controlling the dancing and his cousin doing the singing… and then son ‘edited’ the video with special effects. He may have a new nickname of ‘Tarantino’, vbg. Then the girls did us real-life dance routine - except they had a ‘backing dancer’ … I was actually crying with laughter at one point and my stomach hurts this morning!

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Anonymous said...

I considered buying a Wii. You're kids are too cute; and those pictures are fantastic. I love seeing pictures of parts of the UK; I feel like I've been there already because of your pics Kate.