Sunday, July 08, 2007

Kate’s 25th party, guest blogger #14 – Pat Posner

Today I’m delighted to welcome a very special guest – Pat Posner. I have indeed met her in person (yeah, yeah, Kate as party animal… actually, it was a conferencem, and that's where the pic is from) but we first became friends online. We share a lot of tastes – music, dogs, books, cooking, gorgeous heroes (and we both talk too much – and every time we’re about to finish a phone conversation there’s a ‘ooh, bef you go…’ and we’re off again!). My kids love her books.

And she hasn’t mentioned this in her post, but she’s not just a friend – she’s my critique partner. She’s the one who tells me, ‘What are you doing? Where’s the emotional punch gone?’ or ‘Your editor is going to say no to that’, and points out whatever overused phrase I have in that book (it’s a different one for each book, so that’s no mean feat). The one who says, ‘You’ve made me cry – now where’s the next chapter?’ and keeps me going when I get the dreaded revisions and panic that I’ve lost it completely and I’m never going to write another decent book. (It’s a mutual thing, so I will just sneak in the chance to say PEARLS. Pat will know what I mean, and that I’m nagging!)

Hi, I’m Pat Posner and Kate asked me to be one of the guest bloggers for her 25th book party.A lot of you won’t know me because [gasp] I don’t do blogging – and because I’m mainly published with children’s books.

But I have had one women’s fiction novella published, Prescription For Happiness, and another one due out I don’t know when. This is a bit like what happened with Kate’s books really – that’s if you ignore the difference in quantity – the novella that isn’t out yet is the one which was accepted first.

Anyway, back to the reason for me being here. I ‘met’ Kate online when I read on ROMNA, the RNA members’ loop, that she was about to have her first Medical Romance published by Mills & Boon. I got in touch with her, because I was targeting Medical Romance at the time, and we’ve been good friends ever since.

Kate’s 25th book Breakfast at Giovanni’s is a fantastic read with a sexy hero and a heroine whose taste I admire in men and in coffee.

GIVEAWAY AND QUESTION: Apart from sexy heroes, what else usually finds its way into Kate’s books? Actually, there are 2 things, but naming either correctly will win someone a signed copy of one of Pat’s books. [Edit by Kate – I guessed which two and she cracked up. ‘Um, no, but you’re right. They do as well.’ So you actually have four choices…]


Liz Fielding said...

Hi Pat!

Er, tough question ... Chocolate? :)

Katie said...

Hmmm, a recipe always sneaks it's way in and also an science-y/detailed explaination of I've just finished Breakfast at Giovanni's (which was amazing! I loved it and definetly got some ideas for my upcoming Italian wedding!) and have learnt all about how to make the perfect latte and about latte art!

Kelly Hunter said...

Hi Kate. Pleased to meet you, Pat.

Food and music. That's my (extremely generalised) guess.

Congrats on your 25th book, Kate. Here's to many more.

Michelle Styles said...

I was going to say a recipe. Chocolate is normally there. And you do finish her books thinking -- ah ha I haven't something.

Kate said...

Hello Kate (and Pat)
Happy 25th! You don't look a day over 21!

Just found your new blog (have been trying to avoid blogging as my habit had reached such a point that I was doing nothing but surfing)!

Congratulations again...and I reckon Michelle could be right!
Kate x

Nell said...

Hi Pat!!!!!!

Amanda Ashby said...

I'm going to say chocolate as well! And also echo everything Kate said about Pat - she's the bestest cp a girl could have (ooh, and she's always right as well!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Pat Posner says:

Aww, Kate!
But never mind pearls for now - just think bogie cos the bogie one is out and about.

Hi, back to Liz, Michelle and Nell who I know for real and Hi, too, to Katie, Kelly and Kate.

And I know Amanda for real - her "You Had Me At Halo" is out soon so look out for it. It is a fantastic read and like Amanda said, I am always right. I put a grin there cos I'm only right 99% of the time - but I had to delete it so I could post!

Keep celebrating Kate's 25th, guys!


Christina Phillips said...

Hi Kate and congrats on your 25th book!

Yes I totally agree - Pat is a fantastic cp and did of course, many moons ago, explain to me the mysteries of what on earth EP was!!

Well I do get a little teary when I read Kate's books but not sure if that's what you mean by the question!

Kate Hardy said...

We've got four... (three of which we thought of, one we didn't but is also true) but nobody's spotted the fourth we thought of! (Or maybe that's this year's books...)

Clue: go back to Amy's post at the beginning of the blog party and remember what I said about cover envy...

Sara Hantz said...

I've no idea about the answer.... but I echo what's been said about Pat as a CP. And btw, she makes FAB chocolate mousse!!!