Monday, July 16, 2007

Kate’s 25th party, guest blogger #22 – Diane Parkin

I’m having a run of ‘oop North’ guests – today’s is the fourth in a row. I met Diane Parkin via my blog (and we’ve met in real life, too – the nice thing about being friends with a fellow writer is that they KNOW the ‘lightbulb moment’ look and will give you space to scribble down some essential reminders when you’re sitting on a boat eating pancakes *g*). And we have a lot in common, particularly chocolate, music and books. (Not to mention the freelance journalism…) Diane has taught me how to listen to birdsong (hence the dedication in my previous Modern Extra, because my hero knew this sort of thing and my heroine and I didn’t: cue technical help and descriptions from Diane), been sat on by my dog, and been read to by my daughter… Anyway, I’ll let Diane tell you more.

I met Kate online – in blogland, in fact. I’d never seen her before or heard of her, and she didn’t know me either. But somehow, we hit it off. We had so much in common that we agreed if we knew each other in real life we would have been good friends. Since then we’ve enjoyed laughs together, fought over the same totty, argued over music (specifically Deep Purple – the Ian Gillan v David Coverdale argument, plus Smoke on the Water) [edit by Kate: solo stuff, DC wins for me, but DP stuff, has to be IG, and SOTW is dull dull dull - Lazy and Pictures of Home are much better on that album], given each other support, and held each other’s hands through the good times and the bad.

Kate is always there for me when I want a moan or need to pour my heart out. In March 2006 she threw open the doors of her house – and her family’s heart – to me when I needed a bit of a healing sojourn away from life. I’ll always remember that kindness.

Congratulations, Kate, on your 25th book for M&B. And in only 5 years? Blimey.

I’m not a romantic person by nature, but I do read Kate’s books – mostly because she sends them to me and I’m certain she’ll quiz me afterwards to make sure I have. [grin] I do have certain … requirements in a man, though. Here’re 25 of them I did for fun:

The man of my dreams would ideally ...
  • be single - or detach himself pretty pronto
  • have a full head of hair, long or short, any colour
  • be one of the water signs - pisces, cancer, scorpio - or an aquarius
  • enjoy music - most kinds
  • be loyal and faithful, honest and open
  • enjoy cooking and not mind housework
  • be able to do DIY
  • support me in everything I do
  • not be afraid to have an argument or discussion
  • like walking
  • be interested in wildlife and nature, enjoy travel and sightseeing
  • have a great sense of humour - dry is preferred
  • not be over sensitive or sulky
  • trust me and believe everything I say, especially when I say a football (soccer) player was offside
  • be able to talk to me about anything
  • love animals
  • be very sexy and sensual
  • be unafraid of OCCASIONAL romance
  • hold my hand in public and be a good hugger
  • be thoughtful
  • enjoy going out equally as much as stopping in, watching telly or listening to CDs, going to gigs (concerts) or the pictures (movies)
  • understand that a cuddle on the sofa can mean JUST a cuddle
  • love the sea just as much as the countryside or town
  • know when to give me chocolate, i.e. when I need it
  • be my best friend, ever.

GIVEAWAY: I’m giving away one of my favourite luxuries – five bars of Green & Black’s organic chocolate, so the winner needs to tell me any flavours they already know they hate.

GIVEAWAY QUESTION: In 25 words (or less), what’s your ideal partner?


Liz Fielding said...

I take it you're excluding Hugh Jackman in a towel, Diane? Or Brad Pitt...

Since few men survive the thirty-five years that I've been married with all their finer physical points undiminished, I'd go for the sense of humour. That makes a man a keeper for me.

Becky said...

Strong, confident, and hard working with a good sense of humor. Caring, gentle, loving, and relatively good looking (long dark hair), and loves to cuddle. :D

I love cuddling! teehee

I think that's about 25 words. Sorry if it's a little over. :)

Shirley said...

Hugh Jackman without the towel, please. Or Sean Bean (with or without towel...).

Failing that, I want a guy with a sense of humour, someone who doesn't mind if the house is a tip, and doesn't care if he's constantly tripping over an assortment of animals...

KimW said...

Welcome, Diane! My ideal partner is a positive person who can bring you up when your down. Someone who is caring, well-mannered and appreciates the simple things life brings. Oh, and faithful. Can't leave that out.

Devon Elliington said...

Hey, Diane -- my ideal partner is an actual Partner -- we support EACH OTHER'S goals and dreams, not one person giving up for the others. Compassion and a sense of humor also a must.

Great post!

Diane said...

Ha, ha, ha Kate, you wuss. (She edited no 22. Coward.)

Mmm, Hugh Jackman in a towel. I got that far and could go no further - for a while at least. And then, when I do, he's WITHOUT the towel. What're you trying to DO to me?

Some good answers here. Keep 'em coming. I'm off to find a fan and a cold shower ...

robynl said...

Honest, kind-hearted, loyal, humorous, there for me, compassionate, sensitive and hard working and a dog lover. One who is my soul mate.

ChristyJan said...

My husband is my ideal partner - he laughs at my jokes, he's my best friend and he's put up with me for 29 years.

cas2ajs said...

An ideal partner to me
Would have to include honesty.
Other qualities I’d like to find –
A sense of humor, a heart that's kind


Melissa Marsh said...

My ideal man? Why, my husband, of course. ;-)

Ok, ok, so he's not perfect.

So...if I were to pick the ideal man, he must be:

1) Kind-hearted
2) Gorgeous (black hair and a buff bod - and has to be taller than me)
3) Sentimental
4) Willing to have an open mind
5) Go to the symphony with me without complaining or falling asleep while AT the symphony
6) A great cook
7 Love children
8) Love to read
9) Listen to all my weird story ramblings...

I bet I went over the 25 word limit, didn't I! Oh well...