Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Kate’s 25th party, guest blogger #9 – Nicola Cornick

I have this reputation for being really organised. Normally, I am. But when it came
sorting out my blog party, something went wrong… in that I forgot to start talking to people early enough. When I’m on deadline, I live in this little bubble and I only know what day it is according to what’s happening first thing in the morning – Monday is piano lesson, Tuesday is guitar lesson and Madam’s swimming lesson, Wednesday is son’s violin, Thursday is veg box day, etc. So three things didn’t occur to me: it's conference season (both the RWA and the RNA). I'm not the only author with a tight deadline. It's holiday season.

So when I asked my next guest if she wanted to be one of my guest bloggers, she said yes, she’d love to, but there was a teensy problem - but she didn't have time to write me a blog piece, because she was packing and just about to go on holiday. (I’ll tell you where when it gets to the giveaway.) But she did say, ‘I’d love to give away a copy of my new book, Lord of Scandal, and I hope you all have a great time.’

So, Nicola Cornick. I first met her at… um… an M&B party. I always seem to end up chatting to the historical authors – probably because of my local history stuff – and Nicola was no exception. We also have other things in common: dogs (she goes a bit further than me as she does a lot to help the Guide Dogs), a love of National Trust properties (again, she’s a superstar and volunteers at Ashdown House – which has its own blog, thanks to her, and I recommend a visit), music and gorgeous men. I also got to know her well while reading stuff for the RNA New Writers’ Scheme – when I’d get these little emails from her: ‘I know you’re on deadline, but this MS is right up your street… and it’s only a partial…’

I love Nicola's books. She's one of these writers whose books have great characterisation, excellent dialogue, a cracking pace – and she's also meticulous in researching the history (without the research showing in huge wodges). And when I read a book set in a period (or a place) I know well, if it’s one of Nicola's I know it will never disappoint me by being inaccurate.

GIVEAWAY: I’m delighted to be able to offer a signed copy of Nicola Cornick’s new book for HQN, Lord of Scandal. Nicola’s asked me to choose a winner (so I’ll try to get my dog to co-operate and pick someone, this time) and she’ll send it as soon as she gets back.

GIVEAWAY QUESTION: When I asked Nicola where she was off to, I went really, really green at the answer: ‘The Arctic. We fly to Spitsbergen and then cruise around the island on a history/natural history tour.’ So the question is – where would you really like to visit and why?


Diane said...

Mine is the Galapogas or Borneo - to see the wildlife.

Jenny Haddon said...

I've been to the Galapagos, Diane, and it's fab. Actually - as the result of wearing pale green trousers, which apparently made me indisinguishable from a cactus - I am possibly the only woman you will ever encounter who has had her bottom bitten (well, gummed forcefully)by a giant tortoise.

I want to go back to Trakai, a castle in the middle of a lake in Luthuania, pure Rupert of Hentzau stuff. And for a first time visit, I want to see Sri Lanka - for wildlife, culture, layers and layers of history and what sounds like pure geographical beauty.

Jenny /Sohie

KimW said...

The place I most wanted to vist was Hawaii. I heard so many stories about how beautiful it is and that the water is so clear. That dream came true for me last month when my husband and I went off and celebrated our anniversary there. Everything I had heard and more is true. It's a special place. I only wish it wasn't so far or expensive to go.

So now that I've done that, the next place is Scotland and Ireland. I'd love to go and see all the castles and scenery. I just hope I don't have to wait another 20 years to do it. lol

Michelle Styles said...

Where do I want to?

Petra, Jordan.
I would also like to go to North Africa.

Cruising the Nile would be good as well.

Mainly places where I can indulge my love of history. The natural history is not too shabby in these places either.

Main difficulty is the threat of extremist behaviour against tourists. Sigh.

Liz Fielding said...

Petra is high on my list, too, Michelle. And the dd has just booked a trip that includes Carthage... I'd have been tempted to join her, but for the three day camel trek!

CrystalG said...

I would love to visit Australia. I want to see all the wild life. Go to the Sydney Opera House and sun bathe on the gorgeous beaches.

Kate Hardy said...

Wow, everyone's coming up with really interesting places. (And, Jenny - that is hysterical about the tortoise *g*)

Top of my list is Norway - specifically Tromso in February as I really, REALLY want to see the Northern lights. I'd also like to visit Alaska (same reason), Iceland and travel on the Trans-Siberian railway. And because DH moans that all the places I want to visit are, ahem, a tad cold, I'd also like to go to Egypt. (But Michelle is sadly too right about extremists.) I'd also dearly love to visit Naples and Pompeii. (Done it vicariously in a book but I want to BE there.)

I'd like to go back to Jerusalem with the kids - the Church of the Holy Sepulchre on Christmas Day really felt special (but Bethlehem was horrible).

AA said...

Me too Kate - would love to do the Trans-Siberian. I'm a railway girl from way back. Also yes, the Northern Lights. Have wanted to see it ever since I was hooked on Northern Exposure.
I want to go back to Venice again (love to do the Orient Express too) before I die - there's just nothing like Venice - and the Cinque Terra in Italy (?sp).
Been to Pompeii which is totally amazing but you can keep Naples - big, big shudder!!
Egypt and Greece - definitely.

Oh wah - why do I live so far away from all the places I want to go?

Amy Andrews

Donna Alward said...

Europe. Actually...anywhere. I've traveled very little but it looks like that is changing which excites me no end.

And I am blessed that I get to see the Northern Lights here. :-) Canada, eh?!

Canada has some great places so camping is fun for now, and this year I'm going to Vegas as well. Next year we're hoping to do either Hawaii or the Dominican or Mexico. It so happens that the dh will likely have to go on some work trips at those locations and we may be able to tag along. :-)

And of course, I'll be in London in September. I won't know what to do with myself!

Nell said...

Raffles bar in Singapore is one of my places that I'd like to go and Pompeii is another dream destination.

Virginia said...

I would love to visit Scotland. I am alway reading books about the Highlands of Scotland. I think it would be a beautiful and romantic place to visit.

Lis said...

I'd love to see Hawaii. I've never seen the ocean so I think it would be amazing to be on an island and completely surrounded by water. :) Then I could sit on the beach and read.