Wednesday, July 18, 2007

the D-word, or Kate as Hannibal Lecter

Went in to my appointment yesterday. Big smile from my dentist. ‘Hello. How are you?’ Nervous. ‘Ah, yes. I’m doing an extraction today, aren’t I?’ Um… I thought it was agreed I could have sedation for that? ‘Don’t worry, I’m not going to do anything that’s going to hurt you. Change of plan – I’ll write you a referral to have the sedation done, and they’ll want a big x-ray – come with me.’ The x-ray was a full-face job. I felt like Hannibal Lecter, standing there with this thing in my mouth to hold me in position, and then this machine swivelling round me… But the important thing is that it didn’t hurt. (Wussy? Moi? You bet!)


Diane said...

So did you have the tooth out or not? I've been so busy I'd not kept up this week at all - sorry. Would have sent you loads of good vibes had I known.

And are you only having 1 week off? Why did I think it was longer? Summer madness possibly. :o)

Kate Hardy said...

Nope - not without sedation! (I'm being referred. Hence the huge x-ray.)

I am having one week off, but the kids are off for the summer so... work is going to be different. As in a certain amount of words before they get up, then get a picnic ready and head off to the park/seaside. (Unless it's raining, when it'll be a museum or the cinema or anywhere with a cafe that does chocolate cake - at their request, not mine.)