Sunday, July 01, 2007

Kate’s 25th party, guest blogger #7 - Brigid Coady

n Today I’m delighted to welcome Brigid Coady, radio star and fellow RNA member. I think we first got chatting on either Julie Cohen’s or Kate Walker’s blog, about music. The words ‘Keith Urban’ and ‘he’s mine’ spring to mind… Ahem. Anyway, I’d bought Keith’s latest CD and adored it, and then Biddy and I met in person at the RNA conference in Guildford. (I’ll let her tell you about that. But what I will say here is that if anyone sees those pics from the conference where we’re yakking and there are a lot of empty bottles in front of us, blame Julie Cohen for sneaking those bottles into the picture while we were too busy talking to notice. I had ONE GLASS.) When we were in Lincoln recently to celebrate Kate Walker’s 50th book, my husband, children and I bumped into her in Lincoln Castle. As soon as I introduced them, my husband turned white. ‘You’re the one who introduced her to Keith Urban…’

So here’s Brigid Coady:

Ahhh, foolish Kate Hardy has let me roam free on her blog!! MWahahahahahaha!! So I am just going to kick back, play her Keith Urban CDs at full volume and eat lots of chocolate. You see that is how Kate and I bonded… a love of music (I am to blame for the Keith Urban collection or so she says) and also a love of chocolate. [Edit from Kate: yup. I supplied the CD player and chocolate, she supplied the music, and… it was a late night.] And I blame her for always making me cry when I read her books (curse her talent!)

Now I have yet to have anything published (I am still one of Kate Walker’s “virgins”) but what I do have is a great way to inspire all you creative types out there. Music. And not just any music, country music. Now before you pooh-pooh me let me explain. I am a radio presenter for CMR Nashville and have the pleasure of presenting the Tennessee Tourist Board Chart Show every week, as well as a show called Big Country. Due to this immersing in country music I find that some songs can inspire me, get those juices running, making stories spin in my head. And country music is all about stories because this is an industry where the songwriter is as celebrated as the artists who sing their songs. They tell stories of heartbreak, seduction, losing, leaving, loving and also drinking, fishing and friends all in about three and a half minutes. Now that is some tight writing!

But the stories the music have inspired have been a little longer, not quite novels yet but I’m working on it. “Raining On Sunday” by Keith Urban helped fire a short story about flatmates in a storm; “Every Time I Hear Your Name” by Keith Anderson became a short story of two ex-lovers trying to forget each other.

There is a downside though… having to have that one song on repeat. Can make boyfriends, husbands, family members and neighbours a little testy. OK make that a lot testy. So you might instead want to tune into instead. I promise that the same songs don’t get played over and over again. You might have to put up with some Kenny Chesney and Willie Nelson if you tune into me but what are a few good tunes between friends?

Bio: Brigid Coady ( and

I live in central London in a compact and bijou flat that has been many a Mills & Boon author’s B&B. I work as a radio presenter for CMR Nashville and Oneword Radio (

GIVEAWAY: Brigid Coady is a radio star, so naturally she’s giving away music: Keith Urban's "Love, Pain and The Whole Crazy Thing" (NB I have this and there are some really excellent tracks – um, this means I have to post a pic of Keith, does it not?)

GIVEAWAY QUESTION: What music inspires you?


Ray-Anne said...

What music inspires me? It depends on what I writing. Instrumental soundtracks for research/studying craft. YouTube hot romance sentimental tracks and movie clips for the more 'intimate' scenes- like this:

and lively trance dance music and fun sing along [ I use headphones connected to my PC for the sake of marital harmony ] for getting oxygen to the brain cells for fun writing. Too many to list.
And not one country music track. Oh, the shame. You see, this is why I need your help.
LOL Ray-Anne

Nell said...

It depends on what I'm writing. For my surfer books it tends to be stuff like McFly. For Be My hero it was Boys own and Ronan and of course the lovely Bryan Adams. For my latest book it's Mika, The Killers and Kasbian

Diane said...

Like the others, it depends on what I'm writing. If it's a contemporary rock story, then it's contemporary rock music. If it's an historical story, then it's 50s music or 70s music.

Liz Fielding said...

Generally I stick with something baroque for working, Brigid, although a certain Josh Grogan has recently infiltrated the CDs stacked by my computer :)


Biddy said...

Ray-Anne - I can't do the fun singalong because sadly my singing voice would have me evicted (although I start a singing course for absolute beginners this week).

Nell - Do you make soundtracks for your books or is it just general atmosphere??

Diane - I listen to lots of 70s music when I am in party mood!

Liz - I "borrowed" all my father's collection of Bach when I was trying to write a Regency romance... I suppose I should give them back.

My listening list this week has included Miranda Lambert, Big & Rich and Jools Holland.

Trish said...

Oooohhhh Ohhhhhh I make soundtracks for my books!!! Every single time! And have one or two key theme tunes...

For last one it was Take That's Ain't No Sense In Love (you kinda gotta listen to it cos the lyrics sneaked into the book and it was bang on the *tone* of the book)

And for this one we have Nickelback's Far Away - again for the lyrics...

But I change from Snow Patrol to Aerosmith to Josh Groban to Take That to Nickelback to Katie Melua to Norah Jones to...

You really want me to go on?

I even add each track I used to the behind the scenes page of each book on my website... ;)

AA said...

Okay, okay - big country fan here. Yes, as previously stated in my post - I own Achy Breaky Heart. Keith grew up not far from where I live....

I agree with you Brigid - I find country music very inspiring for plots.
A friend has just put me on to Hot Mama by Trace Adkins. Kate you have to listen to this song. The lyrics are so sweet.
I've never done a "soundtrack" for my books before but I have this plot in my head and all I hear at the moment is the music the characters like - Smokie, Meatloaf, Kasey Chambers , Dixie Chicks, Dragon and ACDC.
I'm itching to write that sucker but it's still stewing.
Amy Andrews

Kate Hardy said...

My tastes are very eclectic - and like Trish I have a playlist for each book! (If you want to find out what I was listening to - particularly for the Modern Extras - they're all listed on that particular book's page on the website...)

Lynne Marshall said...

Hi Brigid!

Like Kate, I have eclectic taste in music. I'm completely loving Michael Buble (with the accent on the e, which I can't make on here) He is a throwback in time to Frank Sinatra.

I loooove country music. Tobey Keith, Alison Krause (does she have the most angelic voice you've ever heard?) George Straight. Martina McBride (a voice to be reckoned with!) I could name a million more. I also love Keith. I emersed myself in country music while writing a single title that has yet to find a home titled: One for the Road. The hero is a has-been country singer with one hit record ten years prior, and he's on his comeback tour. The heroine, of course, provides the wheels. It it what I call boomer lit. Dedicated to those of us in America born between 1948 and 1964. The heroine is 46! Yay for the older broads.

Anyway, I'm fascinated that country music has a voice in England. That's great news!

Enjoyed the blog,
Lynne Marshall

Jenny Haddon said...

I'm with Liz - baroque for me, mostly.

Having said that, it depends on what I'm writing. I've taken inspiration from the Dixie Chicks, too, Amy. Also the Cuban All Stars, Kirsty McColl, Pergolesi, Thomas Tallis, and Jeff Buckley.

Oh and Ricky Martin. But that was a very particular scene in a very particular book.

For a book set in 1940, I've got a clutch of Glenn Miller and "That Old Geeling" by fab Louise Cookman. And no, it hasn't been published. Yet. (I hope.)


Virginia said...

I am a big oldes buff from back in the 70's and 80's like Bob Segar, Creedance Clearwater.all of the old ones that was music to me. I also like a little country music to.

cas2ajs said...

Oooohh! Big country music fan here. Definitely like Keith Urban but my favorite is Gary Allan - makes you feel so much emotion . . . and he's not too hard on the eyes either.


Jan Jones said...

I can't have music on whilst I'm actually writing - but for the times around the edges, I get fuelled up by singers with sexy voices. I'm thinking The Calling, or Coldplay, or Stereophonics, or Nickelback, or (this is the VOICE, remember) Rod Stewart. Also the ones with thought-provoking lyrics like David Grey.

And then there are all the people whose music I grew up with like Joni Mitchell and Carly Simon and Neil Young.

But yes, for pure emotion, country music has that something. Way, way back, the first singer to make me cry was Glen Campbell. I still slip his 'Best Of...' CD in the player when I want a good wallow.

Anonymous said...

Oooops! I am SO late for the blog party. Sorry, Kate, I thought it started next week.

Hi, Biddy! It's Pat here, one of your fellow Kate Walker, aka Mother Hen, virgins.

I love songs from the late 50s early 60s, but my favourite of all for inspiration has to be country and western.

And, Amy, I'm a Trace Adkins fan. I can listen over and over again to "Words Get in my Way" and "Help Me Understand".

Back soon

Well, this might show 3 times because the word verification keeps making me verify different letters!

Donna Alward said...

It depends for me too. I have used Nickelback to Three Doors Down to Keith Urban to Il Divo and Josh Groban, so one just never knows.

I do tend to write more towards the Il Divo side though, alternating with them and Josh and Andrea Bocelli.

AA said...

I'm like you Jan - I find it very hard to listen to music while I write. I find myself listening to the music rather than writing. It's a little distracting for me. But if its in the background ie another room then its okay. Something I can tune in and out of from time to time.
Love Nickelbacks, Figured You Out.
Another great singer is an Australian girl called Missy Higgins - great lyrics, mellow voice.

Amy Andrews

Biddy said...

Well thank you for all the wonderful replies!!

Trish – Blimey!! Obviously touched something there (and thank you for the Nickelback track you sent me… still reserving judgement!)

Amy – A woman of taste!! You should also listen to Trace Adkins ‘Honky Tonk Badonkadonk’ but not for the sweet lyrics! And I will look out for Missy Higgins *adds it to the list*

Kate – thanks for letting me invade your blog!! And I did a CD for you which I meant to give you in Lincoln and forgot!!

Lynne – What fantastic taste you have… I have been lucky enough to hear Toby Keith and Alison Krauss live (Alison has the lovelier voice). And there are quite a few country fans in the UK and I am converting them one at a time. I would love that book to find a home, you would have sale from me.

Hi Jenny – I will admit that I do listen to other music… and I love Glen Miller.

Virginia – I used to play Creedance Clearwater a lot when I had a none country music show.

Cheryl – ahhhhh Gary Allan, such emotion and such a sad story.

Jan – Mmmmm sexy voices are something else. You should try Rivers Rutherford, he is better known as a songwriter but he does have a great voice (and amazingly sexy arms… yum). Much melting happened in a pub in London last April when he did a showcase (all hail the silver fox!)

Pat – Hello!! Long time, no see!! And I am glad to hear that country music gets your vote too… I always knew you had great taste :-)

Donna – Well I will just have to get my collection out in September and add to that list!

AA said...

Love "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" Brigid.
Lynne your story sounds geat - I'll buy it.


Kate Hardy said...

Wow - looks as if people have found the party again! Excellent. :o)

Lots of inspiring ideas coming out here. Watch Amazon's shares go shooting up as I have another little CD bender *g* - and hey, I need music to keep my mind off te toothache! (One hour and 17 minutes until the dentist is open...)

CrystalG said...

I love all kinds of music. It depends on the mood. Some days it is country, some days oldies, some days soft rock.

Lis said...

Ooh all kinds of music, a lot of country! Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban :) Oldies stuff like Elvis. I've usually got a bunch of different songs on repeat for the soundtrack to each WIP.