Tuesday, July 03, 2007

a bit from Kate

Turned out it wasn’t a fracture – it was a cavity that had undermined a very old filling, which is how come it didn’t show up. It did yesterday… so hopefully all is fixed. If it doesn’t settle down, the dentist mentioned some very scary words… but I was so lucky in that the on-call dentist wasn’t the scary one. He was LOVELY and I could see him as an M&B hero.

My book is playing up as my heroine has just decided she’s not a doctor, she’s a nurse practitioner. And I’ve probably broken too many rules at the beginning so I’m going to need to rewrite. But now I’m no longer in pain and thinking a bit straighter, hopefully I can write a lot this week. (18 days until holiday, so I’d better get on with it!)

Governor meeting last night was the latest in a long time (our clerk was retiring) so am dog tired this morning. Jim is not going to be forgiving of the fact that I haven’t practised, so am going to be rubbish at today’s lesson. And I still haven’t got my author copies of the Disaster book so I can’t even bribe him with that! Ay well. Still going to be a nice day as I’m dropping in to see my best local mate for coffee afterwards (to make up for lunch I cancelled yesterday due to paaaaaiiiiinnnn).

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