Wednesday, July 18, 2007

and even more winners…

Lynne Marshall says that there were so many responses, she'd like to give an extra prize – so we have two winners of In His Angel’s Arms. (Thank you, Lynne!) And we have another beautiful dog involved; Lynne says, ‘This is Rogan, my Rhodesian Ridgeback and part time muse. After completing his meal, he chose my winners. Unfortunately, he got buttery paw prints on all of the entries.’

Rogan’s choices were: Nell - for her struggle with dyscalcula and getting the CSE math qualification; and Janie - with enough rejections to wallpaper a room!

And because I was impressed with the amount of people who posted, I too would like to offer an extra prize - Breakfast at Giovanni's - to Mona.

Congratulations, Nell, Janie and Mona – please get in touch with me so we can arrange your prizes. (Again – sigh – to defeat the spammers: please email me at myfirstname dot mysurname at btinternet dot com)

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