Friday, July 20, 2007

off for a week

Which means no internet access and no computer for a WHOLE WEEK. (We don’t count the dinky little one in my handbag that’s the same size as my mini (Radley) filofax, do we? And that doesn’t have internet access because I am paranoid about computer viruses.) So I hope everyone has as nice as week as I’m planning to have – exploring Herefordshire and the Welsh borders, with a day in Cardiff. Dr Who, castles, gardens, ruins and museums. Yum.

And please remember that the competition to win one of five copies of Breakfast at Giovanni's is still ongoing. (I’m sure nobody’s going to enter and I’m going to feel a complete Billy No Mates when I get back…)

I’ll be glad when we set off. I spent today tackling the ironing (think Everest plus K2 combined), then DH lost his mobile phone (sigh – he’s found it but apparently it’s been through the washing machine at work so… he needs a new one), Byron cried when DH carried him to the car because he knew he was going on holiday (a whole week sans my dog – this is not nice, and right now I'm pretty near to tears), the kids have been squabbling because we’ve had torrential rain all day and they haven’t been able to go out, and…

OK. Time for glass half-full stuff:
  • my author copies of Disasters arrived, along with a note about my new book (which will be out in June 08, yippee);
  • one of my lovely friends sent me an unexpected emergency bar of G&B and the post arrived just when the kids were driving me demented (thank you very, very, much – you know who you are *g*);
  • Harry Potter is out tomorrow and I’m going to get my copy;
  • and DH is getting a takeaway tonight so we can chill out with a glass of wine and a couple of episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond.


Liz Fielding said...

I hope your travel arrangements are less disrupted than ours, Kate. The dd was due to travel from London for a friend's wedding tomorrow, but all trains to Swansea have been cancelled from Paddington and people are stranded everywhere.

Have a great time in Cardiff. Try and get to Castle Coch. Total fake, but utterly gorgeous!

Jan Jones said...

Have a lovely break, Kate. You know you'll enjoy it if you really put your mind to it. I just hope you don't end up rowing the car to Wales!

Nell said...

Have a wonderful time and safe journey.

Diane said...

Aha. I thought that pesky pocket pc would be going along somehow. Have a lovely week.

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, Liz - it wasn't too bad. Didn't manage to get to Castle Coch, but I'd love to go back and see the areas we didn't make due to the weather.

Jan - not quite rowing :o)

Nell - thanks, and I hope you're safe and have running water and no floods.

Diane - it went but barely got used. Had a lovely week, ta.