Sunday, July 08, 2007

Introducing Giovanni…

I considered having a ‘guest spot’ for Giovanni… then decided that maybe that was a little too quirky. And too much like copying friends of mine who get their characters to write blogs. So instead I’m going to let someone else introduce him for me – Julie Bonello, who reviewed my book for Cataromance. Here’s what she has to say:

Kate Hardy celebrates 25 romantic novels for Mills and Boon with Breakfast at Giovanni’s, a captivating Modern Romance Extra that seamlessly blends passion and poignancy.

When Francesca Marsden’s new boss fired her, she headed straight to Giovanni’s to seek solace in a delicious latte and a highly calorific pastry- and found herself staring into the eyes of the world’s sexiest man! Giovanni Mazetti, proprietor of Giovanni’s, has been watching –and admiring Fran – from afar and when he hears of her current predicament, he comes up with a perfect solution – she could be his new office manager! Fran accepts immediately and she soon finds herself working in close proximity with her darkly handsome Italian boss.

Workaholic Giovanni soon finds himself falling for the efficient and curvy Fran and when he needs a pretend girlfriend for a family party, he asks Fran to be his date in order to get his meddling relatives off his back. Fran accepts and she’s a huge hit with Giovanni’s family – and with Giovanni himself- who soon begins to wish that Fran was more than just a pretend girlfriend.

And it looks like Fran is of the same mindset for when Giovanni kisses her in private, she finds herself unable to resist him…

Breakfast at Giovanni’s is simply terrific! Sexy, funny, tender, passionate and romantic, this engrossing tale features a loveable heroine and a gorgeous Italian hero who will make you swoon! Kate Hardy is a writer readers can count on in order to deliver an entertaining page-turner which they will devour in a single sitting and Breakfast at Giovanni’s is certainly no exception so take the phone off the hook, put your feet up and lose yourself in this delicious Modern Romance Extra!

Thank you, Julie, for making my day. :o)


Katie said...

Hi Kate, just wanted to let you know that my prize arrived on Friday! I have already finished Breakfast at Giovanni's after a reading fest this afternoon - I loved it. It was great! I especially loved how I got to read about Gio and Fran after their happy ending and that everything got resolved in the end! And now I have cravings for a decent barista made coffee and some organic chocolate brownie! Cheers, Katie

Kate Hardy said...

Thank you so much, Katie!

Glad you enjoyed it so much. (And I loved writing that epilogue.)