Monday, July 16, 2007


Jenny Haddon has had major computer problems so I got my dog to do the honours. Well, actually, he lay down on the floor and waved his paws in the air, thinking he’d get his tummy rubbed and this is a specious excuse to publish another dog picture. The real ‘picking names out of a hat’ was done by my 6-year-old, who loved doing it and insisted on drawing all the names out of the hat and unfolding the paper and… I had to explain it was the FIRST name that won.
So congrats to Rae-Anne! (I’m continuing to have the forwarding problems so I’ve left you a message on your blog as well re getting in touch.)

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Ray-Anne said...

Fantastic! Thank you so much - Jenny Haddon is exactly the sort of books I need at the moment. And thank you mystery 6 year old, although I am sure your dog tried his best. Ah. Fame at last. It's almost like having a RITA. Almost.