Saturday, June 30, 2007

Kate’s 25th party, guest blogger #1 – Amy Andrews

Finished my book, so the party can start properly now! I’m delighted to say that Amy Andrews can join me from Australia. (That’s what I love about the internet – distance doesn’t matter any more!) And because it’s traditional to have a pic of your guests (though not all mine ‘do’ pics, be warned) here’s one of Amy with me at the M&B lunch in London last year.

Amy’s a nurse and a fellow Med author, and we’ve had a lot of laughs – and she’s also my shelfmate in the UK in July with her book Single Dad, Outback Wife (with a cover I envy so, so, SO much – just look at it below and you’ll see why).

So here’s Amy Andrews:
When Kate announced her 25th and asked if I wanted to join the party my answer was: hell, yes! Party? Me? I NEVER say no to a party. Especially if there's champagne, even the cyber variety. And I know Kate likes the odd tipple or two, so I know this party is going to be a blast. So I bought some with me – Moet, of course, only the best for Kate – and I also bought with me 25 reasons why drinking champagne is better than sex.

Nah, only kidding. I realised I couldn't possibly think of that many. 24 was my best and what's the point of that, seeing as how we're celebrating this amazing milestone and everything 25?
So anyway, I can think of 25 reasons why I love my husband so I thought I'd share those.
In no particular order:

1. He takes the garbage out (sorry, I didn't say they were going to be romantic)
2. He can fix anything
3. He's a great father
4. He still has the most amazing legs (which is more than can be said for me).
5. He never mentions how unamazing my legs are.
6. He knows how to use a vacuum cleaner
7. He can cook. And does. Often.
8. He doesn't mind eating cornflakes for tea when I can't be bothered to cook.
9. Despite the ravages of breast feeding and age he still likes my breasts
10. He will get up to the kids in the middle of the night
11. He rings all his nieces and nephews on their birthdays
12. He irons his own clothes
13. He makes eggs benedict every Sunday morning
14. He will give me a foot rub when I ask (and usually not expect sex in return)
15. In lieu of any dragons, he rescues me from the blue screen of death on my computer
16. He didn't cringe once when I insisted I just had to own a copy of "Achy Breaky Heart" (he even bought it for me)
17. He's getting better at buying me flowers "just because".
18. A few years ago, when he could have walked, he didn't
19. He understands that night duty = cranky mummy
20. He eventually realised that sex between a late and early shift was NEVER going to happen.
21. He never says "is it that time of the month"
22. His favourite car is a mini ( the older version)
23. He is NOT into sport
24. He's a dog person
25. After 21 years, he still loves me (despite being a far cry from the 16 year old girl I was when we first met).

Yeah, yeah, so enough of the mushy stuff – but hey, if you cant talk about lurve on a romance author’s site, where can you?

[Aside from Kate: absolutely! And, having met Amy's husband, I can tell you he's a lovely guy with a great sense of humour.]

Giveaway: On another subject - I have a copy of my July release "Single Dad, Outback Wife" to give away as part of Kate's 25th celebrations.

Giveaway question: Kate says I'm supposed to ask a question and if I wasn't so slack I'd be able to get you to go to my websiteand read an excerpt from the July book and answer a question, etc etc, but well, what can I say... I AM slack and the website's not updated yet, so just answer this question instead: "Which one of the excerpts on my website is your favourite and why?"

Yes, I said I was slack, not stupid :-)

Leave your answer here in the comments section. I'll pick my fav answer tomorrow
And before I stop rambling I'd like to congratulate Kate on her milestone - 25. OMG. Wow. Did I say how great that is? That's a lot of words and wonderful Kate Hardy hero and heroines. A lot of highs and no doubt some lows. Oh, and a lot of chocolate :-) and champagne.
Here's to 25 more, my friend.

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Kate Hardy said...

Now I can see what the old one said... I'm reposting the comments here:

NELL DIXON SAID: The surgeons meant to be bride was the last of your books that I read, Amy. My TBR pile is so high it's in danger of maiming someone if it falls over.

CHERYL S SAID: Oh, wow! My favorite excerpt was from Mothers-To-Be. Why? I guess because Lou sounds like such a strong woman who's not going to let a man push her around. She makes her own decisions.

LOU GAGLIARDI SAID: Earthquake Baby was my fav. WHy? Because of the emotion of having to tell someone that their loved one was dead. I've had that happen to me numerous of times; but I had to tell my mom the news one day because I happened to see the obituary on the internet. Toughest day of my life.

KATE HARDY SAID: I have to say, I liked Earthquake Baby... because I'm a sucker for weepies. :)

ANONYMOUS SAID: Hi guys - great party Kate. Finally making it here now its morning in Oz. Great comments. Interesting to hear people's opinions. Keep em coming.;)

AMY ANDREWS SAID: Okay - doh. Just because its morning doesn't necessarily mean I'm awake! I'm blaming the night duty. :P So that last comment was from me - Amy.
Doh :)

KATE HARDY SAID: The time difference doesn't help, does it? *g* Better not offer you lovely coffee courtesy of Giovanni, then, as you need some sleep. :)

MAUREEN SAID: I pick the Midwife's Miracle Baby because I like the idea of a woman who didn't think she could have children being able to have one.

CRYSTAL B SAID: The Nurse's Secret Son is my favorite.