Sunday, July 15, 2007


I’ve been a bit slack about sorting this out this week – apologies, but then on the other hand it does give readers longer to post answers and be in with the chance of winning a book… (All right, I admit, I have a book due in on Thursday and my focus isn’t what it should be.) Anyway, I’ve shamelessly pinched a dog pic from Shirley (this is one of her dogs, Tilly, swimming) as part of evening up the canine-feline balance.

Shirley says, ‘I loved these answers, and isn't it strange how the unromantic gestures a) stick in your mind and b) are funny *after* the event? It was very difficult to pick a winner, but I've finally chosen Devon. Let's face it, it was a brilliant gesture on the guy's part. Who could ever forget being given an empty (it's the “empty” that makes me howl with laughter) peanut butter jar as a reminder of a guy? And they say romance is dead!’

I’m having problems with my email forwarder at the moment (sigh, technology) and because of my hideous deadline I’m not able to fix things until I get back from Wales, so I will be trying to email all winners between now and the end of the week.

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