Sunday, July 01, 2007

Celebrating a few things...

Despite the fact that it seems the terror campaign is starting up again, I refuse to cower in a corner. Life's good and it's worth celebrating. Some things I'm celebrating in July:

  • the publication of my 25th book
  • discovering that not only was I # on the local book charts yesterday with The Norfolk Almanac of Disasters... I'm also #2 with The Norfolk Poisoners. How cool is that?
  • school summer holidays start soon and I'm finally going to visit Hay On Wye after years of trying (is a loooong story)
  • the sun is out and it's not raining [at the time of posting]
  • new month, new blog
  • I have two ebooks out at Harlequin - both Promotional Presents. Her Honorable Playboy is part of my Posh Docs trilogy (and I am so pleased that they used that as the title of the PP series!); and Mistress on Trial is the new title for my second Modern Extra, Strictly Legal (also available in print in August).

And because my blog party had a bit of a hiccup, I'm doing an extra giveaway today with a copy of Breakfast at Giovanni's. Tell me what you're celebrating and I'll get my daughter to pick a winner!


Jan Jones said...

We're celebrating my son graduating top of the Computer Science degree course at the University of Essex!

You wouldn't BELIEVE how proud I am!

Kate Hardy said...

That's fabulous news, Jan.

And yes, I can believe how proud you are of him. (We've had this conversation... *g* I think we need it again. Over cake. Summer hols coming up...)

Diane said...

I'm celebrating finding a new man ...