Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kate’s 25th party, guest blogger #23 – Lynne Marshall

My guest today is from America: I’m so pleased to introduce Lynne Marshall, fellow Medicals author, who's also one of my shelfmates this month. She did actually give me her post ages back, but because of the RWA conference and jetlag and what have you, I swapped the schedule so she’d have a chance to come and talk!

So here's Lynne:

Congratulations on a job well done. You deserve a break today, so I thought I’d make a blog entry for you. LOL. Seriously, thanks for inviting me. Let me introduce myself to everyone. I’m Lynne Marshall and I write Medical Romance for Mills and Boon along with the amazing Kate Hardy. J I am currently completing my fifth novel and stand in awe of Kate’s achievement of 25 books in six short years. What have I done to compare? Well, I’ve been a Registered Nurse for 25 years, and I’m looking at my 25th wedding anniversary this September. Twenty-five of anything is no easy feat, and I am proud to say I’ve stuck with something that long! LOL. I remember wanting to quit nursing altogether the first week at my first big hospital assignment in California. Many times in that first year I found myself sneaking outside the ward to shed a few tears in private. Never in my life did I think nursing would be so hard and stressful. But I kept showing up for work, the days clicked by, I got better at what I did, I learned how to handle the always-surprising world of medicine, and before I knew it, a quarter of a century had gone by. Amazing. I look back over the many people I’ve helped through my job and smile. That’s definitely an achievement I’m proud of.

As a writer, there is a completely different sense of satisfaction knowing that I can take the sometimes-harrowing circumstances of medicine and create stories around them with characters of my making, lessons to be learned, love to be found, and above all, a positive, hopeful and happy ending. Who could ask for more? My current UK July Medical Romance release, In His Angel’s Arms, is about a nurse who, when tragedy strikes, must step in and care for a man who has always secretly touched her heart. He can’t deny her healing skills, or resist the temptation of his very special nurse.

GIVEAWAY: A copy of In His Angel’s Arms

GIVEAWAY QUESTION: Now I ask you, what have you stuck with much longer than you ever dreamed, and are proud to share with us? It doesn’t have to be 25 years, just something you have overcome the challenge of, prevailed, and became a better person for. I can’t wait to read your responses.

If you’d like to find out more about me visit my website: http://www.lynnemarshallweb.com/


Liz Fielding said...

Hi Lynne! I think the thing I stuck with against all the odds was writing the first book. It was rejected, but I learned that I could go the distance, finish a complex story (I'd started dozens over the years!)

It was rejected, but the prize was learning that I had the staying power to keep going until it was done. Not just a neat beginning, but a middle and an end. I knew then, that I could do it again.

Ellenie said...

Hi Lynne,

Congrats on your 5th book. You'll be at 25 before you know it. I enjoyed your post and I'm looking forward to reading In His Angel's Arms.

Have a great day.

Becky said...

Hi Lynne! I don't know if this is what you are looking for,but here it is. It may seem kind of childish.

The biggest thing I overcame was my parents divorce and the silence that ended up coming between us after it.

My parents divorced when I was 12. My mom intiated the divorce and my dad decided to give it to her. My dad and I were nearly inseparable before the divorce, but afterwards we drifted apart until I barely saw him once a month, and even then we would fight most of the time. My mom would always make excuses as to why I couldn't go to see him, and that distanced my relationship with her as well until I hardly ever talked to her because I blamed her for both the divorce and the tenseness between my dad and I. The relationships with both of my parents stayed broken like that until a couple years ago after I graduated from High School. Around that time all of us started coming to the conclusion that none of us wanted our relationship to stay this way especially when I was planning to go to college in the next couple of years. So we worked it out and I am proud to say that all three of us can be in the same room together at the same time and not fight or have any problems. I can also speak with both of my parents separately without any tenseness between us and I'm planning on it staying that way for a very long time.

There are other things, but this one had the biggest impact on my life as it lasted for over 6 years.

Chellesie B. Dancer said...

Hey Lynne,

When I was a struggling actress, I started my entertainment company as a part-time source of income. I think I averaged about twenty some jobs for the first couple years. This September, it'll be 25 years for me.

These days, I have a 3-person office, plus part-time accounting, and on a busy day, I may have twenty or more people doing shows for me!

So now, of course, I can spend my time being a struggling writer...


Sandra Richards said...

Hi Lynne,

Congratulations on your fifth release. I can't wait to read it.

Hm. What have I stuck with longer than I thought I would and am proud of? I suppose it's my being a tutor for the Adult Literacy program at my local library. I took the training because they were really desperate. I thought I'd have one student and that would be it. Four students and three years later I'm still teaching. The look on my student's face when she gets what I'm teaching her is priceless to me.

Sandra Richards

Nell said...

I'm most proud of my cse math qualification. I have dyscalcula and it impacts my life quite severely if I let it. I don't remember or retain numbers, I read and write them backwards or don't see them at all. It took me five attempts to pass an exam in Math and of all my exams, I have a lot of certificates for other subjects, that's the one I'm most proud of.

AA said...

Just popping in to say hi to Lynne.
Big wave.

Tell us about Dallas, Lynne. I want to hear about the glamour of the RITA ceremony.

Amy Andrews

Barbara B. said...

Hi, Lynne,

I never thought I would be married and have two beautiful kids. Next year will be our 10th anniversary. It's not 25 years, but I am proud that we have gotten this far and still love each other as much as we did when we met.

I have been a nurse for 15 years, but I can't say that I "stuck with it." I practiced for about 10 years, then started writing.

I am looking forward to reading "In His Angel's Arms."

Barbara B.

Mona Risk said...

Hi Lynn,

Reading your blog, I can summarize it in one word: perseverance. You are one perseverant talented lady. I love your book Her LA Knight. It is refreshing to see a medical romance set in Los Angelos, a completely non-med romance setting so far. I love your perseverance.
Being a pharmacist with a PH.D. in Analytical Chemistry I know exactly what it takes to be perseverant. I worked for my PH.D. when my two children were teenagers and the students studying with me looked like my own kids. I had to rush and graduate just before my son started college. For heaven’s sake can you see us, mother and son, on the same campus? I put the same perseverance in writing romances. Four years to get a Ph.D. Four years for a first sale and my pink ribbon at National. Now I cross my fingers to sell to Mills & Boon. After submitting and revising two medical romances that were not yet what my editor wanted I was delighted that she said she loves my voice and asked me to stop revising and write a new med romance based on her suggestions. Please cross your fingers for me. Mine hurt from being crossed. I love medical romances and have 200 of these green books as my hubby calls them. But I want to see MY green book next to the others.
Kate Hardy, I read several of yours and fell in love with you heroes. The Consultant’s Christmas Proposal,The Firefighter’s Fiancé, The Consultant’s New-Found Family,
The Honourable Playboy,Her Celebrity Surgeon are the recent ones in my bookcase.

Mona Risk

AA said...

Hey Mona - good luck with the med. It all sounds very encouraging.
You should come and join us at the med thread on the e-harl boards. Kate pops in occasionally as does Jennifer Taylor and Ola. Myself and Fiona Lowe are permanent fixtures. The med authors also have a website

Amy Andrews

Liz Lipperman said...

Hi Lynn. Congrats on the 25 year accomplishment in both your medical and personal lives.

I've thought about what I've stuck with over the years and decided it was my writing. Working as a nurse, traveling with my job and raising two chldren always gave me the excuses I needed to put the writing on the back burner. Several years ago, I decided it was either get serious about it or give it up. Writing is not for sissies. So, I went after it with a vengeance. I am happy to report I now have an agent who is working to make my dreams come true. I,too, am writing a medical romance, along with 2 completed single titles.

It was great having lunch with you at Nationals. Congrats on that fifth book. And thanks for the adorable teddy bear I won.

ChristyJan said...

Congrats on both of your 25 year accomplishments and also on your 5th book.

I'm proud of the fact that I just celebrated my 29th wedding anniversary.

Janie said...

Hi Lynne,
I have stuck with my writing through enough rejections to wallpaper my entire house!


Lynne Marshall said...

Hello everyone! I know it's afternoon over in the UK, but I've just woken up and am holding my first cup of coffee.

Liz, I am so honored that you've commented here! I'm a big fan! I remember seeing you at one of the Romance Writers of America conferences (Were you in NY in 2003?) and thinking, that's Liz Fielding! Someone asked how your flight over was and you said you were completely shattered!

Ah, that first book. Anyone who has completed a book has definitely overcome some incredible obstacles, that's for sure! In the US, we have the PRO group who qualify by completing their first novel and receiving their first rejection letter. That's a tough thing to qualify for.

Thanks for stopping by today!
Lynne Marshall

Lynne Marshall said...

A quick hello to fellow Californian, Ellenie. Thanks for stopping by!

Dear Becky,
Your story brought me to tears. Overcoming parents getting divorce is so incredibly hard. I'm so glad you didn't give up and now you have a relationship with both of your parents again.

My daughter got married in May, and her brother-in-law (who is 22)just recently told his parents that he is now just getting over their divorce. My son-in-law's parents got divorced when they were 8 and 10 years old respectively. I understand that many divorces are necessary, but I really wish people didn't take a large percentage of divorces so cavalierly!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Lynne Marshall said...

Hi Chellesie and Sandra.

Thanks for stopping by!

Chellesie: LOL on your struggling writer life. I think lots of us can relate to that! I am really impressed how you took life and work into your own hands and came up with 25 years of success in the entertainment business. I don't think people can possibly realize how difficult that accomplishment is. Wonderful story.

Sandra, long time no see! LOL. Teaching another person how to read is a fantastic way to give back to the world. Think how much more will be opened up to them. They can read Harry Potter! I'm glad you stuck with it.

My hat's off to both of you California girls!


Lynne Marshall said...

Hi Nell and Barbara B.

Nell, I am in awe of your struggles with math and overcoming them enough to pass the CSE math qualification. I know other people who struggle with math, but I'd never realized how crippling it could be. I am so impressed with your sticktuitiveness (American made up word, I think! LOL). If you can accomplish that, you can definitely write a book!

Barbara B. 10 years of marriage is nothing to sneeze about! LOL. Congratulations. Aren't kids the most wonderful thing? Both of my children live away from home, and I miss them terribly. Thank goodness I like my husband! LOL.

Your 10 years of marriage reminds me of seeing Posh Spice on TV in Dallas last week. She said she's been married to Beckham for 10 years (they have three children and she still has the most to-die-for shape) and she said she loves him more now than she did 10 years ago. You know, I think they've got it right, and I'm impressed. However, loving a hunk like Beckham doesn't seem too hard to do, in a fantasy sort of way, does it?


Kate Willoughby said...

Hi, Lynne! I'm drinking my coffee too. I have two faces. On the one hand I try something and if I don't succeed pretty quickly or hate it, I quit. However, there have been several instances where I quit and then, because of a deep desire to do that thing, I try again and stick with it. Embroidery is the first thing that I remember that happening with. I was a kid, probably about eleven. My first attempt to do the satin stitch sucked. It didn't look at all like the picture. I put the whole kit aside, disgusted with myself. But a few weeks later, I picked it up again, very determined. I KNEW I could do it if I tried hard enough. I was right. I left that crappy patch of satin stitch on the canvas to remind me where I had started. I still do counted cross-stitch occasionally. But that experience taught me that your mindset is so important to your success, no matter what you attempt.

Lynne Marshall said...

Hi Mona and Liz!

Mona, wearing your pink ribbon at nationals must have felt like a dream come true. I know with perseverance such as yours, you will definitely get that Mills and Boon Medical published. They love your voice! Just find the right story and you'll get there. I promise.

I had to laugh about you and your son being on the same college campus. When my daughter started college, I noticed the university had a course to train parish nurses, and I seriously considered doing that. She almost died at the thought of me being on HER campus! LOL.

Liz! You are so right. Writing is NOT for sissies. Amen. I am glad you also had perseverance and never gave up on your dream. May that darling agent of yours find a home for one of your books!

Best wishes,

Lynne Marshall said...

Hi Christyjan and Janie!

Christyjan: 29th anniversary. Wow! Congratulations. It really is a matter of being determined to make it work, isn't it? What is even more amazing is that sometimes, after 25 or so years of marriage, people still get divorced. I guess anything is possible in life, eh?

Janie {(HUGS)} on the rejections! I have a whole drawer full myself. Keep writing and submitting. Don't give up. You'll find your home.

I believe if I hadn't found the medical romance line, I'd still be getting rejections for my single title stories. It's a tough business, and as Liz said earlier, writing isn't for sissies!

Best wishes to both of you,

Robin Bielman said...

Hi Lynne~ Congratulations on your anniversaries! My husband and I will be celebrating 18 years next month so I'm very happy about that:)

As an aspiring writer just starting out, I plan to stick with it for the long haul. I'm pretty determined and if I can get past rejections (of which I'm sure there will be many) then I hope to one day say I've been a romance writer for 25 years.

Thanks for your great thoughts and I look forward to reading your new book!


Lynne Marshall said...

Hello Amy!

Dallas RWA was frantic and wonderful. I am always in awe when I can stroll down the hall and see Nora Roberts, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, and Linda Howard. Not to mention hundreds of other incredible authors.

To be honest, the awards ceremoney was a bit flat this year. IMHO. It was subdued for some reason. Even the acceptance speeches were "controlled" with two exceptions. A fellow aussie lady for you, Amy, Golden Heart winner for Romantic Suspense, Bronwyn Clarke,who got teary-eyed over her win. The emotion touched my heart. And the other exception was Julia Quinn who was definitely excited to win the RITA for Best long Historical Romance. There were many beautiful dresses, and a few fun facts thrown in, but overall, compared to prior awards ceremonies, I'm afraid it was a tad disappointing.

And I was totally bummed that the wonderful Marian Lennox didn't get a win with her two entries. But she won last year!


Lynne Marshall said...

Hi Kate and Robin!

Kate, you are so right about "mindset" being the key to accomplishment. And sometimes, it is really important to only focus on the "next step" instead of the big picture. When I started pre-requisites for nursing school I felt completely overwhelmed about all I would have to do to graduate ... until I changed my mindset and took it one small portion at a time. Four years later, I had a degree in nursing!

I also know how talented you are with needlepoint and other artistic endeavors. I'm envious!

Hi Robin! Congrats on the 18 years of marriage. Well done. Hopefully you've been reading some of these blogs and know how being an aspiring author will test your perseverance time and time again. I wish you the best of luck, and please know that a whole community of authors knows what you are going through and how you feel. Isn't that the beauty of romance writers?

My coffee's cold now. I'll go refill her, and check back later.

Thanks everyone for stopping by so far.


TJ Bennett said...

Hi, Lynne! Your buddy TJ waving at you from the great state of Texas. What have I stuck to? It's in my nature to stick things out, but I'm proudest of my 14 year marriage and the six years it took me to get my first book sold. And the fact that I have not yet offered up my twins, almost ten, for sale to passing strangers, though there have been days...LOL! I'm kidding, of course. I'd throw myself in front of a bus for those boys.

RWA Nationals in Dallas was fabulous, and taught me something about sticking to promises to myself. As much as I hate to network, I'm finally getting the chops to do it. I introduced myself to people I needed to meet in the industry and managed to remain somewhat coherent in the process. That was a goal for me this year, as last conference I attended I wound up chickening out most of the time, and babbled when I didn't. Whew! Glad that's out of the way...for now.

Take care,
TJ Bennett

Dana said...

Lynne, I love the new medicals look! I read Her L.A. Knight when I was having a REALLY bad day and found it a great distraction so THANK YOU!

My biggest challenge? patience. I am a very impatient person!

Lynne Marshall said...

Hi TJ and Dana! Thanks for stopping by today. It was great seeing both of you in Dallas.

TJ: Sticking to promises to ourselves is an important thing to do. We wouldn't let others down once we've made a promise, so why let ourselves down? I'm glad you kept your promise this year, and hope it pays off in the future. And LOL about selling the boys!

Hey Dana. Lack of patience is often tough to overcome. In order to stick around in this writing business, you've got to have lots of patience, ask Liz Fielding, Kate, TJ and all the other writers on this blog. And thanks for reading Her L.A. Knight!

Another thing I love about category romance is that you can read the books in one afternoon. It's sort of like watching a movie.

Thanks everyone for stopping by today. I'll let my Rhodesian Ridgeback Rogan (my part-time muse) choose the winner of my book.

Best wishes to all,

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynne, I know it's late, but I wanted to stop by and just say hello! Glad you've recovered from the flight back from Dallas.


Fiona Lowe said...

HI, Lynne,
Great to see you up and about post Dallas :-)

Lynne Marshall said...

Hi Maria and Fiona L.

Thanks for stopping by today. I did have a rough trip home from Dallas to California. The airlines sent me to not one, but two cities in Colorado (Denver and Aspen) before they'd take me home! My original flight was supposed to be nonstop. I must say, Aspen is gorgeous and the tiny plane I flew on was very comfy with larger leather seats etc. It was the cost of time I resented. I got home six hours later than my original plans!

so what else is new? The important part is, the plane didn't crash and I got home to my husband.


robynl said...

For me it is being shy. I am told that when young my twin brother and I would hide under the table whenever someone came to our place. I remember my maternal grandma saying we clung to our mother something terrible and wouldn't let her out of sight.
I still am shy but have overcome some of it by being out there in the work place and generally being the first to go meet a new neighbor or talk to strangers who came into the Flea Market or the convenience store I worked in.
Some times I am still the shy little girl even though I am in my fifties.

Lynne Marshall said...

Hi Robynl!
I am a total introvert, so I know what you mean about forcing yourself to get over being shy. I'm glad you've made progress because sometimes we miss out on great things in life if we shy away from opportunities. Thanks for stopping by and contributing today!

I've had a lovely time chatting with everyone today. Thanks for everything, Kate!
Best wishes to all,

Kate Hardy said...

Wow - there's a fabulous lot of posts on this question. I may have to offer a second prize :o)

Lovely to see you all here. And it confirms my belief that people in the romance writing and reading community are a pretty amazing lot. Thanks for sharing!

Minna said...

I'm proud of the fact that I got to the university to study translating.

Brenda said...

Hi Lynne,
I know I missed the contest window, but I wanted to say hi and chime in. My mother was a nurse for 30 years before retiring, so I know what a difficult and often thankless job that is. Congrats on your 25 years and on your outstanding success with your new career!

Anonymous said...

Minna and Brenda

Hi Minna,
Congrats on making it to University. That is a major accomplishment. Well done.

Thanks for stopping by and wishing me well!

I had a great time visiting Kate's blog.

Best wishes to all,