Tuesday, July 17, 2007

a quick bit from Kate

More half-full-glass stuff – actually, I’d say it’s still overflowing. Yesterday’s blood pressure reading was the best it’s been in five years, and that’s despite what’s happening this afternoon. (Stressed about going to the d*nt*st? Moi? You bet – I had flashbacks about the failed extraction trauma. Not nice.) Both kids had excellent end of year reports (which we expected; and also we were v amused to note something under every single subject in son’s… look, the boy has ADHD. So we KNOW that concentration is a problem. And we also know he’ll talk for England if they let him sit next to his best friend). Had a lovely conversation with my M&B Meds ed yesterday and my schedule has been rejigged slightly.

Today I have a to-do list which can be zapped through in about 20 minutes (if I don’t let myself get distracted) and then I’m going to work until my d*nt*st appointment this afternoon (hmm, better remind DH he might be on picking-up duty, but then again I’m really hoping I can get away with an x-ray and a prescription). And I’ve just discovered that this jeweller I really like locally has a factory shop. This might actually be a Very Bad Thing (especially as I will have to pass it on the way to take pics for my next local history book and may very well be forced to go inside); then again, if my other ed likes my MX revisions and I get to keep my title, that means it’s my 30th M&B and that deserves a celebration, yes? (Oh - and gianduja is apparently back in stock at Hotel Chocolat from the end of next month. Good. Because I am getting desperate – latte chocs are nice but do not have quite the same effect.)


Shirley said...

You're going to work before your d*nt*st appointment? Well done you. I can't do a thing beforehand.
Good luck! I'll be thinking of you.

Kate Hardy said...

I intended to work. Didn't actually do much :o)