Monday, July 16, 2007

A Kate bit - busybusybusy

Busy day today. If you want to know what kind of day ‘Scary Kate’ really has, go and have a look at Coffee Time Romance, because they’re featuring me today as part of their ‘day in a life’ series about Harlequin authors (thank you, Karenne) and you get a chance to win a copy of Breakfast at Giovanni's. I dunno what t’other Kate is on about because it ISN’T that scary… Really… :o)

Today’s list of things to do:
  • write blog for PHS (waves to Ally Blake)
  • see GP for routine blood pressure cheque (if it’s high will explain re dental traumas and visit due tomorrow)
  • write lots of my Medical romance (and maybe talk to my ed re schedule – a week or so on codeine/in pain wasn’t conducive to writing and totally stuffed my schedule)
  • take son to osteopath
  • put cheque in bank
  • quick and naughty Hotel Chocolat visit to see if gianduja is back in stock because I need to batter some crows
  • try and sneak in some more work while cooking dinner
  • governor meeting at school
  • maybe more work, depending on how tired I am (deadline ahoy)
  • write packing list for Friday (saves forgetting something and can cut-and-paste things to weekly shop list for Wednesday)…

And at this point I’m going to hide from the Slowing Down Police. (And which one of you lot nobbled my dad and my son, then? I was nagged yesterday. By both of them. A *lot*.) Perhaps this is where I should also mention that I am going to take a WHOLE WEEK OFF, starting Saturday morning… because it's our family holiday and the deal is that I Do Not Work.

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