Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Kate’s 25th party, guest blogger #16 – Margaret McDonagh

I’m so pleased to introduce fellow Medicals author Margaret McDonagh today. We’ve known each other a while, through the RNA, and we talk a lot on email (geographically we’re a good 10 hours apart so that makes real-life meetings a tad difficult). She's also the one who introduced me to Josh Groban and Il Divo, both of which are fab to write to. I was delighted when her first Medical Romance was accepted – not that I had any doubts, as she already had a track record as a very successful serial writer. I also had the pleasure of working with her on the Penhally continuity series (along with Maggie Kingsley and Jennifer Taylor; needless to say, I’m the bad influence out of the four of us and the one who makes outrageous suggestions.). Mags writes lovely warm books set in Scotland - and the title of my August UK release is very close to one of her titles *g*. Not the only thing I’ve stolen, as she’ll tell you…


It's true.

Well, sort of!

As well as music, a love of animals, and various other things, Kate and I share pictures from our hero folders and one divine specimen of manhood was plucked from the depths of my file after languishing there for far too long. I knew at once that he was Cameron. Excited, I shared the picture with Kate. Kate ... who is vastly more talented and efficient, not to mention a much more speedy writer than me. [edit by Kate – speedy I’ll allow, but not the rest of it]

'Can I use him for a hero, too?' she asked.

'No problem,' I agreed.

I should have known what would happen. Kate's manifestation of him appeared AGES before my own saw the light of day! For this yummy guy, whose identity I have sadly never been able to discover – (he was advertising Seiko watches!) – was the inspiration for the hero in the first of Kate's 'Posh Docs' trilogy, the decidedly gorgeous Charlie Radley in Her Celebrity Surgeon. Long, long after Charlie got his girl, my own version is finally about to appear. Dr Cameron Kincaid is the hero of my August Medical, One Special Night ... I hope I have done him justice.

It is fitting to be celebrating the achievements of both Kate Walker and Kate Hardy at the same time. Two amazing women, talented writers and inspirations to all who know them. Being both a cat and a dog person, I am lucky enough to share things in common with both of them! And both of them have been incredibly supportive and unfailingly patient and kind to me on my journey as a newly-published Mills & Boon author.

Kate Hardy is a star. She is one of the most generous and genuine people I am lucky enough to know, both professionally and personally. She is kind, funny and thoughtful, and I am blessed to be able to count her as a friend. A friend who is there to laugh with, who provides a shoulder to cry on when a crisis strikes, and who is the calm voice of reason and support when you are worrying about a deadline or have a confidence wobble.

Kate also writes exceedingly good books! Twenty five is the total we are celebrating throughout this blog party, with the publication of Breakfast At Giovanni's, but she is already speeding her way to the next milestone. And all the praise and success are well-deserved and earned through sheer talent, hard work and dedication.

I love all Kate's books but as a reader and a writer I particularly enjoy connected stories. Kate has done some great Medical ones such as the 'Posh Docs' and 'London City General' trilogies. And I am very much enjoying creating my own fictional community in rural Scotland with loosely-linked stories set in and around Strathlochan.

Thanks for asking me to take part, Kate, it is an honour to celebrate this special event with you. Good luck for the next twenty five books.

GIVEAWAY: Margaret McDonagh's new book, One Special Night, is out in August. She's offering the choice of one of her books (see her backlist here)

GIVEAWAY QUESTION: Do you enjoy connected stories where you keep in touch with past characters and meet exciting new ones? Which have been your favourites – either by one author or a continuity in which several authors have contributed? (Watch out for some exciting projects coming your way for Mills & Boon's centenary next year!) I will look forward to hearing your thoughts – a lucky dip winner from all those who leave comments will have their choice of one of my books.


AA said...

No fair Mags - that is such a great cover and a wonderful title. It'll fly off the shelves.
Am currently working on a trilogy myself. 3 sisters, 3 gorgeous men, 1 hospital. Nearly finished book 1 - yay :-)

Amy Andrews

Margaret McDonagh said...

Thanks, Amy. But as you know, it is pot luck in terms of titles and covers.

Good luck with the trilogy, it sounds really interesting - especially the 3 gorgeous men!


Anonymous said...

I actually do not, generally like connecting stories. Heavily connected, I should say. If there is loose connections such as in Maggie Shayne's Twilight series. Sure, you see the old characters, but only in a couple of books (that I've read) do I see any character actually getting involved in the action

The only exception to this is the Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Lori Handeland's series(es?). They work great as being heavily connected because of the worlds that were created.

CrystalG said...

I enjoy reading connected stories. Some of my favorites are J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood, Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters,and the category romance series- Fortunes of Texas, the Texas Cattlemen's club

cas2ajs said...

I love connecting stories . . . as long as I get in on the series from the first book. Always a little disappointed when I read a story then find there were a couple before it that I missed. Then have to go searching for the previous ones in the series, hoping they are still available. Other than that, I love going back and visiting characters from previous books - like seeing old friends.


Margret said...

Thank you, it's interesting to hear your comments.


Margaret McDonagh said...

Sorry, that cut off before I had finished putting in my details!

Anyone else having real problems with the internet today?


Kate Hardy said...

I too have cover envy!

Hope your internet problems are sorted quickly. Mine was a bit temperamental yesterday.

I enjoy connected stories - ones that can stand alone as well as being part of a series. I've just read the first in a new trilogy (by three authors) and I so want to read the other two - I have to wait until September and October. (I am not good at waiting.)

I'm doing a Christmas duo - cousins who grew up together and are practically sisters. Except... No. Not giving the plot away *g*

Amy - sounds great - when's the first one coming out?

AA said...

Not sure actually....
The second ones a December release I know that. Hmmm, must ask Suzy.

Just bought your "In the Gardeners Bed" from K-Mart. It was my reward for finshing the book.


JOYE said...

Yes I like to read connecting stories. I think those of Stephanie Laurens and the Cynsters are fun to read.

robynl said...

I like connected stories; one of my favorites is by Sandra Brown and her Texas Trilogy. You get to continue on knowing more about the first character in other books and you get to meet new ones.