Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kate’s 25th party, guest blogger #24 – Anne McAllister

My final guest blogger also comes from America – and yes, she’s another romance author I met at a party… Actually, I sort of got to know Anne McAllister a little before we met, when Kate Walker said, ‘You know you and my husband never stop talking history – well, I want to introduce you to one of my friends. I think you’ll get on. It’s to do with the H-word.’ And so I met Anne – not so much at the lunch, where I was on a different table, but afterwards over tea in Fortnum’s. She was telling me about her genealogy research and I was telling her about my local history stuff, and we talked and talked and talked and… I found a new friend. We also have other things in common – chocolate, books, maps, and dogs. I love her books (she sneaks in as many secondary characters as I do, and her dogs are brilliant, too). So anyway, I’m delighted to introduce Anne McAllister, whose next book, The Boss's Wife for a Week, is out in September:
Twenty-five books? Well, yes. And that's just before lunchtime!No, it just seems that way to sluggards like me who consider two books a year a very substantial number to write! So, it suffices to say I am in awe not just of Kate's prolificity (is that a word?) but even more – they are books on my keeper shelf. I don't have all of them – yet. But I'm working on it.

The thing is, while I appreciate and admire and honor Kate's novels, it's her non-fiction books written as Pamela Brooks that I read first. Kate and I share a love of local history. And while I putter around with it, Kate (in alter ego form as Pam) does something about it – like writing books on house history and local history and streets of Norfolk. She's amazing. And those books are on my keeper shelf as well. Pretty soon I won't have a Kate Hardy/Pamela Brooks keeper shelf, I'll have a Kate Hardy/Pamela Brooks keeper bookcase – which is probably a prelude to a Kate Hardy/Pamela Brooks keeper room! (I draw the line at adding a wing to the house.)

So I'm lifting a glass to celebrate your accomplishment, Kate! It's enormous. And deeply admired. Congratulations. May you write many more (not much doubt about that!). And may you write many more as Pamela, too. I've got the shelf space saved.


QUESTION: Do you have a favorite Kate Hardy or Pamela Brooks book? Which is is? Can't narrow it down? Then tell me all of them!

GIVEAWAY: The winner (picked by my flatcoat, Gunnar, who is very good at these things and only coincidentally tends to prefer books with dogs in them) will get a copy of the first of my Greek Tycoons books, The Antonides Marriage Deal.


Michelle Styles said...

I think my favourite Kate Hardy books are her Posh Docs series. It is a toss up between Seb and Charlie.
I also adore her latest one. However, I agree her books are always a treat to read.
I think it is wonderful that she is SO prolific as then her readers get to visit her world more often.

Becky said...

My favorite Kate Hardy books are her Posh Doctors series as well as His Emergency Fiance. I can't wait for her next books to come out. :)

Minna said...

I have to say that also my favorite is Posh Docs series.

Anne McAllister said...

So, um, Kate - where are my copies of the Posh Docs? I know you said I should start with the mod Xs but if everyone says, "Posh Docs" that tends to tell me something.

Keep the recommendations coming, gang! Gunnar is getting eager for treats.

(And I'm seeing new books to add to my "Kate Keeper Shelf!"

Kate Hardy said...

Michelle, Becky, Minna - thank you. :o)

Anne - eh what, have I been remiss? Am going to the post office tomorrow (so anyone who's waiting for something from me... sorry, guys, it really will be in the post tomorrow - blame it on dentist trauma)

lidia said...

Anne, great to see you here!

My favorite is "Their Christmas Dream Come True" -- with Kit and Tally -- begin apart for years and coming back together.

I'm a sucker for reunion stories and just loved this!

Anne, my favorite of yours is also a reunion story -- "Island Interlude" -- an oldie but a GOODIE! :-)

robynl said...

The Consultant's Christmas Proposal is my favorite; Saskia knows of Toby’s desire for a family – something she’ll never be able to give him – but what she doesn’t realise is that Toby will do anything for her. Starting with a Christmas proposal she’ll never forget!
I love Christmas stories and love Medical romances. So there you go.

Atomic Kitten said...

i like "Her Honorable Playboy". I just love "opposites attract" idea esp when the "flawed" character changes for love in the end.

Kate Hardy said...

Interesting to see that Posh Docs has gone down so well - I fell for Seb and he sort of morphed into a couple of other characters because he wouldn't go out of my head.

RobynL - I have another Christmas medical out this year, and I'm doing a duo for November and December next year. (This is the one with my Welsh hero who walked into my head and fleshed out my one-paragraph outline while I was on holiday...)