Saturday, June 30, 2007

Some brilliant things about today...

  1. Being #1 in the Jarrolds local book charts again (for the Almanac of Disasters - happy wiggle from me)
  2. DH telling me that the lovely presenters on Radio Norfolk have been trailing said book AND saying nice things about me (very good for a writer's confidence)
  3. The support of my lovely author friends in coming to see the new blog and redirecting people from theirs (I am still absolutely fuming with Bravenet - I can see the blog now, for the first time in 24 hours, but I still can't post - and there is NOTHING anywhere about service outages. Not impressed and I'm staying here at Blogger)
  4. Blogger being reasonably easy to mess about with
  5. The pharmacist in Boots being kind and sympathetic and finding me some seriously good painkillers which means I can function until my dentist is open again on Monday morning. (I have a fracture in my tooth - this has been going on since September, but my dentist said we could force it or do it the gentle way and wait for it to get bad enough for me to pin down the precise tooth - this is all to do with referred pain and the fact tooth fractures are notoriously difficult to diagnose on x-ray. And no, that's not going in a Med! Am a tad spacey, though, so dinner tonight is courtesy of M&S so DH can cook it; I'm not trusting myself to drive or use sharp implements right now.)
  6. Getting a copy of 'Take the Lead' to cheer myself up (aka research for a scene in the middle of chapter 1 of my Medical romance)
  7. Seeing Shrek 3 wth DH and the kids - latter were in hysterics. (And there's a bit of Led Zeppelin in the middle. Led Zeppelin and Antonio Banderas - it doesn't get any better than that.)


India said...

Well done you for staying so positive-- not easy in the face of rain, toothache and bad blog issues!!

The music in Shrek is always cool-- have picked up Dashboard Confessional and Counting Crows via this route, so am looking forward to hearing the new soundtrack!

Kate Hardy said...

Not raining here at the moment. But our planned night out ten-pin bowling with DH's brother and family has been nixed because the bowling alley is closed. Bah.

New soundtrack is good. (One of my friends also saw it today so we've been swapping 'Ohhhh... Antonio' emails. Sad, but has to be done.)

AA said...

Congrats Pam on your Almanac success - happy happy day.
Saw Shrek two days ago with the kids. Donkey's babies were soooo cute.

Amy Andrews

Liz Fielding said...

Seven things in one whole day which, considering the tooth is pretty damn fine.

Congratulations on the book making #1!

Kate Hardy said...

Amy - I bet you cracked up at the same points I did *g*

Liz - thank you. The glass is half full; sometimes you just have to look for the contents.