Monday, June 02, 2008

back to routine

Current work: Mod Heat duo book 1
Listening to: Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon
Reading: various nonfiction (research)

Although I love my family dearly, I am so glad to be back in routine today. Will be so nice to work in peace and quiet.

Went to see the new Indiana Jones film on Friday. Although there were a couple of paces where it could’ve been cut for pace, on the whole it was excellent and I didn’t look at my watch until ¾ of the way through, which is always a good sign. Some excellent trailers, too – we’ll be going to see Prince Caspian and the new Brendan Fraser museum. DH doesn’t seem as averse to Kung Fu Panda as I am (sorry, am just bored with a certain actor playing the same role over and over again) so methinks that might be a negotiation point in the hols for a research day.

Spent most of the weekend working on nonfiction. Have a couple more ideas buzzing…

Today: plan is to work on fiction. In peace and quiet. It was flowing nicely before Lincoln, but then revisions and half term got in the way. So I think I’m going to work on this in a slightly different way to kickstart it again: in draft, which is basically expanding my outline and just getting the bones on paper. I’ll add in the speech marks and layer in emotions and details afterwards.


Michelle Styles said...

Ah yes, the trailer for Kung Fu Panda. We will be giving that one a miss.
Prince Caspian yes. And the new Batman. the Brendan Fraser looked good as well.
I know what you mean about routine. Of course today is my eldest'sfinal set of exams, so I get him at home for awhile...

Melissa Marsh said...

I didn't know Brendan Frasier had a new movie coming out - I'll have to go and see what it is!

We watched Indiana Jones, too. I enjoyed it, but yes, there were some places that I had to fight not to roll my eyes.

Kate Hardy said...

Hope your eldest's exams went well, Michelle.

Melissa - it's the new Mummy film - name escapes me but it's set in either China or Japan. The trailer's good.