Monday, June 30, 2008

bad puppy and exciting stuff

Current work: nonfic
Listening to: Medieval Baebes
Reading: Sharon Penman, The Sunne in Splendour (gory in places but am enjoying it, especially as she’s unashamedly pro-Yorkist *g*)

I cracked. Bad me. I just realised Kate Harrison’s new book is out… and I thoroughly enjoy her work (sharp writing, rounded characterisation). And I did promise Madam some more Jane Blonde books, as she’s just started #2 and this means she’ll be looking for #3 in a day or two. (Recommended by the brilliant children’s section Waterstone’s, Castle Street, Norwich. And they were spot on. The difference a good bookseller can make…)

While I was there, I picked up a teensy bit of research material. And… This is a hangover from the book before last, where my doctor hero plays the cello. I discovered Boris Bagger and Martin Ostertag’s gorgeous version of Chopin’s Nocturne in E flat (Op 9, no 2) on YouTube – cello and guitar. Even though I’m listening mainly to 15th-century stuff at the moment (research), this is beautiful and I needed to add it to my collection.

Am still feeling lousy. On Friday, the cough was atrocious and I actually considered going by train to the RNA conference on Friday. However, that would mean:

  • Calling in a favour from a friend at school so she’d see Madam in for me (which she would – but it also means Madam not going clingy on me. Chances of that happening = very low, because even though she’s a Daddy’s girl she’s a bit, um, possessive of me as well);
  • Trusting that I can get a ticket so I’m facing the direction of travel (if I sit with my back to the engine, especially if it’s hot, I will go very green around the gills);
  • Trusting that there will be no delays, especially as I have to…
  • … change trains at least twice each way (four times on the way home) – not to mention getting taxis from home-station, station-conference, conference-station, station-home. And that isn’t good because I will have to…
  • … lug lots of stuff about (including a very heavy bag of books needed for my talk);
  • And, the clincher – home journey involves a bus trip between London and Colchester. I don’t take buses, for the same reason that I don’t sit with my back to the engine.

So I’m sticking to Plan A and driving. (My sister and stepmum both think the infamous cough is stress-related. Even Dad noticed it. And no, I’m not blogging about why this weekend was fairly stressful, out of respect to him – all I will say is that Parkinson’s is a lot more than just a tremor.)

Madam had a major wobbly lip after Dr Who on Saturday. ‘Whoever wrote that was really nasty. David Tennant has to keep being Dr Who. He has a REALLY NICE SMILE.’ Hmm. And I’m away next Saturday so I’ll miss it.

Oh, and the exciting stuff?


Anonymous said...

Hugs on feeling ill.
Hope you pick up before the weekend and feel okay to drive - I suspect some pampering in the sunshine is required. :-)

Michelle Styles said...

No cough is not stress related. It is just nasty.

Dr Who's ending had my eldest rushing for the computer. There has been no sign of David tennant not coming back...equally, if he does regenerate, the library bits make no sense.
I simply thought that Russell TDavies was trying to advertise his other shows...

Portia Da Costa said...

Hope your cough gets better soon and that you have a safe journey to the RNA conference. Hope you have a lovely time there too!

Kate Hardy said...

RayAnne - thanks. And pampering sounds great to me.

Michelle - there is a pattern. And, after this weekend, the cough could last for werks :o)
Know what you mean re RTD. Am really glad that the lead writer in the next series will be Steven Moffat - I rate him much more highly.

Portia - thanks. I'm pretty sure I will. (And it's not as scary as the RWA - hope you have a fantastic time there!)