Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ants 3, Kate 0

Current work: Modern Heat duo book 1
Listening to: Alan Parsons Project, Eye In The Sky
Reading: not – am busy trying to write and smacking my head on my desk even harder than yesterday

Today, Madam is back at school… but son has her lurgy, so he’s home today. (You saw this coming, didn't you?) This may scupper my social life (so much for 'end of book socialising' plans). Sigh. Still, at least it's not my radio interview or the conference being scuppered (Kate touches wood madly).

And the ants?

They're winning.

I found the ant bait housey things. But when your children leave choc-ice wrappers on the worktops (instead of putting them in the bin) and spill drinks and forget to mop them up (or tell you)and the dog has a habit of walking around with an apple in his mouth for a while (half-eaten) and then leaving it under the breakfast bar… you don't stand a chance against the mighty ants.

Ants 3, Kate 0 - and I’m officially on strike until the ants vacate my kitchen!


Anonymous said...

I decided to break from writing and be energetic and replace some stone slabs [ small] in the garden path yesterday -and guess what I found underneath?
Yup. An ants nest like you would not believe. And they were going ballistic that their home was exposed to every robin in the area.

Best of luck persuading them to leave the kitchen. Sounds like they are having a feast.
Hope you and yours are soon free from the lurgy. :-)

Michelle Styles said...

I have every faith the you will win. Have you discovered where they are getting into the house?

Spraying can work.
I say give the ants no quarter.

Susie Vereker said...

Yes, I agree. Spray 'em and all the nooks and crannies with specific crawling insect spray.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Kate Hardy said...

Ray-Anne - horrible for you. (Mine appear to be in hiding. They're lurking, ready to strike...)

Michelle - I haven't spotted their entry route yet. Vapona used to do a brilliant spray, but sadly they seem to have stopped producing it. The Lakeland 'ant stop' bait stations (aka house thingies) seem to work, though.

Susie - lovely to see you here :o) I have threatened the ants with DH. (Dog, of course, is as useless as he was with the mice. The builder joked that he charged them rent, payable in dog biscuits. He has a point...)

Ellen said...

Sure hope you find a way to get rid of the ants. Have you tried spraying around the outside of the house? Sometimes that works as they die before they can get in.

Kate Hardy said...

Ellen - that's a great idea. I'll nag DH into doing that this weekend (not doing it myself in case one crawls on me - I'm fine dealing with spiders and mice, but ants and crane flies... no!)

Ellen said...

LOL Kate....I can't deal with mice and spiders but ants I don't have any problems....don't know what crane flies are...we also have cockroaches which I can't stand but can deal with.