Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The d-word

No, not 'Deadline'. The really scary d-word.

And after a night without sleep and an inability to cope with more than water sucked through a straw (and that's provided it doesn't go anywhere near that side of my mouth),I left a really, really pathetic message on the dentist's answering machine and then rang again as soon as the office opened. They've taken pity on me (I think they might remember last summer) and I have an appointment this afternoon. Can't take painkillers in case it messes up diagnosis, so... Grin and bear it.

My horoscope today says, 'This is the perfect day to prove your courage to the world.'

Courageous? Me? Ha. Send me down the Yellow Brick Road with the lion and let's hope the wizard has two sets of courage to give out...

Actually, I have to be brave today, because littlest is still home sick. This means she has to go to the dentist with me - and, as I don't want her to be scared of the dentist, I'm going to have to act for all I'm worth. (What I really want to do is curl up in a ball and weep quietly. It HURTS.) DH can't take over because a) he's busy and b) I may need him to pick up son from school, depending on what I have done.

Urk. Please, please, let it involve x-rays and antibiotics, because this feels like a repeat of last year. This time, I'm doing it on one night's sleep deprivation instead of four, and with the benefit (!) of experience. So with luck and the evidence in my notes, hopefully we can avoid a re-run of last summer's trauma. (I think the dental receptionist might remember me, and that's why she took pity on me. I'm taking her flowers to show that I appreciate it. I really, REALLY appreciate it.)

Oh, and the book? (Hollow laugh.) Writing about passion when all you feel is pain (and guilt at not being Supermum... actually, no, she's like me, and as I child I preferred to curl up quietly with a book when I was sick) is tricky. Very tricky.


Shirley said...

Poor you. Sending hugs and wishing you lots of luck.

Melissa Marsh said...

Ugh. The dentist. I need to go back soon. Hope things turn out ok.

Nell said...

Hugs, hope everything went well and you feel better soon.

Jan Jones said...

(((((gentle hugs)))))

and lots of love.

Diane said...

Hope it went well.

Kate Hardy said...

Shirley, Melissa, Nell, Jan, Diane - thanks.

Hopefully things will settle again, though, as the saying goes, I'm not singing yet so it's not over *g*