Monday, June 23, 2008

Truly, Radley, Deeply

Current work: Final readthrough of Modern Heat duo book 1
Listening to: Vaughan Williams
Reading: Fiona Harper, Saying Yes to the Millionaire (plot includes two fabulous ideas I wish I'd thought of first - lovely characters, and a bit that made me cry - recommended read)

Had planned lunch out with my two best buddies from school on Friday (and to celebrate birthday) but the lurgy nixed that. The lurgy also nixed the plans for the weekend, when my best friend was coming down to stay. And of course I’m on deadline. So I was fairly down in the dumps. (Even discovering hot new hero material – which, being mean, I’m not sharing yet – didn’t cheer me up.)

But some very, VERY nice things happened this weekend. In chronological order:
1) I had a big box of lovely HC choccies delivered (courtesy of said lovely best friend, to cheer me up – and the note said expressly that I did not have to share. Though of course I did; am not *quite* that greedy)
2) Saturday’s paper showed I was #1 in the Jarrolds Local Book chart with Heroes, Villains and Victims of Norwich (so I can bask for a bit in being a bestselling author – think my publisher will be pleased)
3) DH treated me to something nice. A clue is in the title to this post (which is also the title of the gift, and very similar to the title of one of my top three all-time favourite films)

Oh, yeah. And I finished my book. So today’s plan is final readthrough of book, email said book to my editor, print out the book for Dot (while I tidy my bearpit of an office – multitasking at its best), and then… switch projects for a day or two. Post Office and library on the way home, and I might even take the evening off (unless it shocks DH too much *g*).

Winner of the book in the draw: Ellen. Please email me with your snailmail addy (kate dot hardy at btinternet dot com) and I'll put The Spanish Doctor's Love Child in the post.


Jan Jones said...

Well done on finishing the book, Kate.

And I have to hand it to your DH. There's not many men who could get away with giving their beloved something to bring the shopping home in. :)

Kate Hardy said...

LOL, Jan. It's Radley. And it's perfect for a trip to Waterstone's or Hotel Chocolat. (I don't think he factored that in...)

carolwarham said...

Hope you are feeling better now, what a lovely SHOPPING bag.

Liz Fielding said...

Congrats on finishing the book and your # 1 spot, Kate. And another Radley... :)

Well, honestly, you deserve it

Ellen said...

Thanks Kate for drawing my name, email is on the way.
Sure hope you get over the lurgy soon.(Altho I have to admit I had to look it up to see what it was.)Congrats on being #1 on Jarrolds Local Book chart. And congratulations on finishing your book.