Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Guillaume Dufay

Current work: Modern Heat duo book 1
Listening to: Hautbois
Reading: Chosen as the Sheik’s Wife, Liz Fielding – vintage Liz, with a strong, capable and gentle hero, a heroine anyone can identify with (his reaction to her family secret melted my heart), and a wedding to remember. Lovely book.

Compromised on guitar yesterday: I have a nice piece of Bach that I like, to make up for the other trickier bit that I don’t like (technically it's good for me, but the tune does nothing for me). Learned a few new words yesterday (from Jim’s very erudite book on music) while looking up mid-fifteenth century secular music (is research) and discovered what I’m probably looking for is something along the lines of Guillaume Dufay. Not much of his on Youtube, but I did discover this, which is rather nice. (OK, it's not secular. But.) I suppose Palestrina will do for the time being... but it's somewhere on my desk, which is in its mid-book less-than-tidy state.

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Diane said...

I see you've been a bit scant on the post. Hope everything is all right.

Did you vote in my poll, by the way?