Friday, June 27, 2008

the joys of field trips

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As I will be saying at my talk next weekend, you can’t beat a physical field trip to illuminate your research. I managed to sneak one in last night. We went into town to get a birthday present. DH and the kids always insist on browsing video games, which I loathe – mainly because said shops play awful music, and I’m not really into video games (except Wii Fit, which is on hold until this cough – yes, YET another one– has gone). It’s so tedious. But this time I was prepared, and they agreed that I could have half an hour to go and take some photographs while they browsed and debated the merits of Wii vs PlayStation vs X-Box 360 vs DSLite. (Yeah. It’s over my head, too.)

So off I trotted. During the day, I had been tempted by one historian’s theory about my current research, i.e. who lived in a certain building. Very tempted, especially as I know who inhabited that particular building before and after the period that interests me. But taking a walk there showed me that it doesn’t quite fit the context of the documents I’ve been studying. The street behind it, however, fits perfectly. And, although the building in question doesn’t exist any more (it was burned down in 1507 and rebuilt by the mayor), it works for my purposes. Perfectly.

(And yes, I’m aware I’m being cagey. Not in a position to talk about this project yet. But if this comes off… let’s just say it includes three of my four favourite subjects, so I will enjoy working on this. Hugely.)


Julie Cohen said...

Glad you're having a good week, love! I'm looking forward to your talk; it's the only one I can go to as a listener in the whole conference!

Sandra Carrington-Smith said...

Having three kids myself, I am so familiar with the joys of field trips!

Sandra Carrington-Smith

Jan Jones said...

3 out of 4 faves?

Wow! You're researching the history of a local chocolate company?

Kate Hardy said...

Julie - no heckling, now :o)

Sandra - lovely to see you here! Do you have to pay your research assistants in chocolate cake, too?

Jan - LOL - no, done that one :o) Funny you should mention it, though. Guess what I'm talking about next week?

Anonymous said...

I think she's intimately researching the history of the local chocolate..oh no..wait that would be call four of your favourites ;)

Kate Hardy said...

LOL, Lou! Not chocolate :o)